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Dramatic Support for English Independence

Responding to an ICM poll released by the Sunday Mail showing a dramatic 31% support for an independent England the Leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond MP, said the growing support for English self-government reflected the desire for a new and friendly relationship between Scotland and England.

Commenting Mr Salmond said:

"We now not only have a situation where a majority in Scotland would vote for Scotland becoming independent but a dramatic poll showing growing and substantial support for English independence.

"It's time both countries were self-governing, having responsibility for their own resources and passing their own laws while working together in a new partnership of equals. Gone will be a surly lodger, and in its place a new and very friendly neighbour.

"Clearly this is the future. This growing support shows that unionist politicians are on their way out and the argument for independence and self-respect is on its way in."



1. The Sunday Mail commissioned ICM to poll about 1000 people in England with the following question: "Should England be Independent from Scotland?"

The results were:

Yes 31%
No 60%
Don't Know 9%

2. Result of the latest YouGov poll, undertaken from Thursday 30th March to Sunday 2nd April 2006, on the question of Scottish independence.

"Do you support or oppose Scotland becoming a country independent from the rest of the United Kingdom?"

Support 46% 54% excl. D/K's
Oppose 39% 46% excl. D/K's
Don't Know 15%

Published 15/07/2006 08:10 PM
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