Image Links and Hover Background Colors

Posted on Aug 10 2006 | Geek life
I did a google search for the solution to a problem I had with some CSS and image links, and didn't find a good solution, so I'm throwing this out there for anyone who might stumble upon it. The problem I was having was that I was creating a site with a black ground. There was a global setting for ...

Is July Over Yet?

Posted on Jul 22 2006 | My Site
What a horrible month it's been. I'm finally set up in my new digs with my internet and a environment that I feel comfortable enough to start truly moving forward, no matter how small the baby steps are. The worst of it all is a dear man, a troubled genius, someone whom I was honored to call my ...

Gas Station Conspiracy?

Posted on Jun 23 2006 | Rants
Sort of tongue in cheek title, but while pumping gas this week, the thought crossed my mind, do gas stations "fix" the pump so it's impossible to stop on a round number? Obviously this only applies to those who pay at the pump with some sort of plastic, but I'd guess that's a majority of Americans. Think about ...

Draft of Park Rules Stresses Conservation

Posted on Jun 23 2006 | Rants
Washington Post Trying to catch up on the news after working 35+ hours in 3 days is tough, but this article caught my interest. Seems the Bush administration has appointed someone who is actually listening, and taking action in preserving our national parks. I strongly believe the parks should be restricted in the use of motorized vehicles, for ...

Yeah, That’s the Solution

Posted on Jun 15 2006 | Rants, Politics
Lakeland Ledger, Tallahasse Democrat, Corruption Chronicles So a supervisor of elections uncovers more security issues with electronic voting machines, and our elected leader's answer is to pass a bill preventing independent testing of the equipment. Real bloody smart. I'm all for technological advancements in all areas of government, but I also want to know that the ...

Blogging the NBA Finals

Posted on Jun 08 2006 | Geek life, Sports
Blog Maverick Mark Cuban, blogger and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is blogging the NBA finals. I have to say, his blogging has made it infectious to be a Mav's fan for the finals. I'm not really a basketball fan, but have a few friends who've been watching the playoffs, so I've followed along. I also came ...

Snap Shots and Moblogging

Quick Hits

Rove Called Lieberman on day of primaryNo shit. Close friend. Is this a move to sway Republicans to vote for Lieberman?

Ha! So it appears Lieberman’s campaign whining about being hacked really was a case of being a cheap skate. Hell, I pay $10 a month to host all my sites. Republicans, you can have him.

Legaling Pot Illegal - Sorta like the old time gangster movies paying off the cops, isn’t it?

mtvU.comAn interactive “game” to create awareness of the genocide in Darfur.