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[Linda Paulson Adams] [Tara C. Allred] [Shirley Bahlmann]
Jewel Adams Jewel Adams was born and raised in the projects of
Asheville, North Carolina. Her hard childhood spurred
her imagination, and those imaginings fueled her love
for writing. She continued to develop that love for
writing in junior high, which consisted of mainly
poetry. She moved to Utah in 1989 and started to write
seriously a few years later. She is a wife and a
mother of eight children. Jewel has  published  four
exciting and touching novels .
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Mercedes' Mountain
Linda P. Adams Linda is the author of two novels on the Last Days (or "end times"), and has co-authored two nonfiction books. She has published short fiction and poetry in Calyx, Lynx Eye, Irreantum, and Limestone Circle,

Linda's home page

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Thy Kingdom Come, Vol. 1: Prodigal Journey
Shirley Bahlmann Best selling author and Motivational speaker Check out Shirley's website for information about the the many books she has written !



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Odd People
Julie Coulter Bellon


Julie is the best-selling author of three LDS adventure/romance books.  She holds an English degree from BYU and is the mother of six children.. Julie  says: "Since I am also Canadian and have been fascinated by the relationship between Canada and the U.S., my books use both Canadian and American characters and international situations."


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Through Love's Trials
Trina Boice
She worked as a legislative assistant for a congressman in Washington D.C. and wrote a column called “The Boice Box” for a newspaper in Georgia, where she lived for 15 years. She has a real estate license, travel agent license, a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and helps her husband, Tom, with their real estate appraisal and investment companies.

Trina is the “2004 Honor Young Mother of the Year” for the state of California and lives in beautiful Carlsbad with Tom and their four sons.

You can contact her at public_relations@springcreekbooks.com or through her website at http://www.boicebox.com/


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Bright Ideas for Young Women Leaders
Anne Bradshaw
She gained recognition for her short stories in the New Era. Her inspirational fiction has appeared in the magazine for over twelve years. Anne writes about the two things she knows and loves, The Church and England. She is the first published English LDS writer of intrigue involving British members of The Church. Terracotta Summer (2000) and Chamomile Winter (2001).

Anne Bradshaw.com

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LDS Storymakers: Publishing Secrets

Photo: Bob Henderson
Orson Scott Card
Nobody had ever won the Hugo and Nebula awards for best novel two years in a row, until Orson Scott Card received them for Ender's Game and its sequel, Speaker for the Dead, in 1986 and 1987. Perhaps Card's most innovative work is his American fantasy series The Tales of Alvin Maker, whose first six volumes, Seventh Son (1987), Red Prophet (1988), Prentice Alvin (1989), Alvin Journeyman (1995), Heartfire (1999) and Crystal City (2003) are set in a magical version of the American frontier. Nauvoo.com  About Orson Scott Card  The Book of Mormon: Artifact or Artifice?  CNN interview with Orson Scott Card, 23 Aug 1999 Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Ender Wiggins, Vol. 1: Ender's Game

Photo: California Authors
Ina Coolbrith
In 1851 a the age of ten, Ina traveled to California with her mother and step father, William Pickett.  Her first poems were published when she was only 12.  At the age of 17, her infant son died tragically and her marriage dissolved.  In 1906, she lost her home and all her possessions in the San Francisco fire.  Through the generosity of the best known writers of the day, another home was built for her.  During her lifetime, she received many honors.  In 1915, she was named the first poet laureate of California.
Sources: California Authors, San Francisco History and Jack London's Ranch Album

She was born in Nauvoo to Don Carlos Smith (Joseph's brother) and Agnes Coolbrith.  They named her Josephine Donna Smith.  Her father died of malaria the year of her birth.  Her mother became a plural wife to Joseph Smith and then George A. Smith Source: The Wives of Joseph Smith

Added 23 Oct 2004. Thanks to JB for his email 27 Jun 2004

Photo: Other Side of Creativity
Tanja Crouch
Following 15 years working in the music business including, most notably, stints as an agent for Vince Gill, Randy Travis and other artists, and 5 years as vice president of Barbara Orbison Productions, working with the masters, publishing and merchandising of Roy Orbison, Crouch made a career change to devote her energies to writing.  Her first book was 100 Careers in the Music Business (2001).  She teaches the 17-18 year-old Sunday School class in the Carnton Ward and with her husband, writer Kevin Crouch, she works in the Nashville, Tennessee Temple.
[James Dashner]
Chad Daybell
"In 1997, ... I felt the prompting, 'It’s time to write your books.' This came as a complete surprise to me. But almost immediately after receiving the prompting, the entire plot of An Errand for Emma came to me. ... my prayers were answered one day as the plot to Doug’s Dilemma filled my head, as well as the plot for Escape to Zion. I’m very grateful for the hand of the Lord in that project, and I hope I’ve done an adequate job..."

Chad has started his own publishing
company, Spring Creek Book Company www.springcreekbooks.com

Chad Daybell.com



James Dashner


James was born and raised in Georgia, but now resides in Utah. He will always be a southerner, and Braves fan, and Falcons fan, and Hawks fan, and Bulldogs fan at heart.

He attended BYU, studied accounting, and fulfilled his lifetime goal of being a true nerd when he received his CPA. But he will always claim to be a creative person first, accounting geek second. NBA superstar was third, but he hasn't gotten that far yet. Check out his web page to see the many books he has written.


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Jimmy Fincher Saga, Book 1: A Door in the Woods
Loralee Evans


LDS Author of  The Birthright Loralee graduated from Southern Utah University with a teaching degree in Physical Education and English. She and Steve now live in Syracuse, Utah, and they have four children.   Cedar Fort Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
The Birthright
Richard Paul Evans
In 1992, he wrote a story for his two young daughters. That story, called The Christmas Box, went on to become a #1 New York Times best-seller and is now published in 18 languages with more than 8 millions copies in print worldwide. In 1995 it was made into an Emmy Award winning TV special. His latest book: The Five Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me is now available.

 Richard Paul Evans.com

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The Sunflower
Chris Heimerdinger
Photo: Deseret News
Chris Heimerdinger
For over ten years he has brought adventure and fantasy to LDS readers. His first novel, Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites, published in 1989, continues to thrill readers young and old and inspire a greater appreciation for the Book of Mormon. One of the goals of these books is to bring the reader back to the scriptures. As Chris has stated before, "I'm most grateful when readers tell me they went to the scriptures to see how much I got right. Better yet if they linger there."


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Tennis Shoes Adventure Series: V6 The Lost Scrolls
CTR, LDS Gifts, Mormon Gifts

Photo: Wizards
Tracy Hickman
It was in 1981 -- between jobs and wanting to buy shoes for his children -- that he approached TSR about buying two of his modules . . . and ended up with a job instead. That job led to his association with Margaret Weis and their first publication together: Dragonlance Chronicles. Since 1985 they have jointly authored over thirty books. Tracy's first two solo novels, Requiem of Stars and The Immortals, were published in the spring of 1996. Tracy remains highly active in his church.

Biography at Wizards.com   The Worlds and Works of T.R. Hickman  Tracy Hickman's Testimony

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The Dragonlance Chronicles Gift Set
  David Howard
playwright and screenwriter
David was born in Utah and raised in Arizona. He has a graduate degree in playwriting from the University of Utah. Wrote a short play titled Electric Roses which has been published in an anthology by Samuel French Books. Wrote the story and co-wrote the screenplay for the movie Galaxy Quest (1999). Internet Movie Database

Film Force interview

[Janet Kay Jensen]
Randy Jernigan
Photo: LDS Film
Randy Jernigan
Randy was born in El Campo, Texas, and raised in Milton, Florida. In 1980 Randy left Florida to serve a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah, and later studied creative writing at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is best known for his work as a celebrity journalist covering the comings and going of the rich and famous in Hollywood and political circles. He is the author of the book "This Thing Called Love; Love Stories To Gladden The Heart and Warm the Soul" and "Lessons From Gethsemane."
Source: Anthologies Online

Randy Jernigan: A Reputation That Precedes Him By T. J. Hathaway, Latter Day Messenger, 09 Apr 2004.


Steven L. Kent


Steven spent 15 years as the leading journalist in video games.  He wrote columns for MSNBC, The Japan Times, and the Los Angeles Times.  He wrote “The Ultimate History of Video Games” (published by Crown Book), which to date is now six years old and still outsells any book released on the topic.  Senator Joseph Lieberman has invited him to participate in his annual Video Game Report Card in Washington D.C. for 10 years straight, Steven has appeared on NPR, the NBC Nightly News, and the Today Show.  He is  currently writing  a monthly column on video games for Boy’s Life. 

His books include  “The Clone Republic,”.  The sequel, “Rogue Clone,” .  (The publisher of these books is Ace Book, a subsidiary of Penguin.)

Born in California and raised in Hawaii, he served as a missionary for the LDS Church between the years of 1979 and 1981.  During that time, he worked as a Spanish-speaking missionary serving migrant farm workers in southern Idaho. The Official Web Site of Steven L. Kent

Erin Klingler The author of the novel, Love Beyond Tomorrow.  It's a story about love, about staying true to oneself, about having the courage to love and trust, and knowing which paths of life to follow.  Its themes are of interest to young women and women alike.


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Love Beyond Tomorrow
Robert Kirby


A Very talented columnist for the "other" newspaper in Salt Lake City I guarantee you will laugh at his "stuff" He has been called " the Mormon Lampoonist"

Robert Kirby Official Archive

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Family Home Screaming

Annette Lyon



Author of some great books such as

At the Journey's End,   House on the Hill At the Water's EdgeLost Without You


Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
House on the Hill
Marcia Lynn McClure


Marcia spins her tales of love, life and laughter…adventures woven around those compelling, romantic instances that most appeal to a woman's loving heart. Marcia feels that if her readers close one of her books with a contented sigh and a delighted smile, feeling rejuvenated, cheerful and edified, then she has achieved what she set out to do…shower refreshment and happiness on anyone having experienced the story.


Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Heavenly Surrender
Sherry Ann Miller Author of the award-winning Gift Series (five-book set can be read out of sequence and has won two first place awards, one third place award, and two fourth place awards in national competitions) and Warwick Saga (a 2-book set of historical fiction at its very best), Sherry researches family history tenaciously, and has gathered over fifty-thousand names for her PAF program.


Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
One Last Gift

Photo: Eternal Night
K. L. Morgan
"These stories are full of exciting adventure, wonderful imagination, and romance. Wholesome books such as these I recommend to my own children. You'll want to read K.L. Morgan's Castledance (2001), and Judges of Light (1998). I heartily endorse them."
Source: New York Times best-selling author, Mark Victor Hansen Mormon Literature Database
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Pioneer ghost
Stephenie Meyer


Stephenie Meyer is the author to a young adult novel
entitled TWILIGHT and the soon to be published sequel NEW MOON

After the publication of her first novel, Twilight, booksellers chose Stephenie Meyer as one of the "most promising new authors of 2005" (Publishers Weekly).

Stephenie Meyers BIO

The Story Behind Twilight

[Tamra Norton]
Brenda Novak
Two-time Golden Heart finalist she writes contemporary romance from her home in Sacramento, California. Since her first sale to HarperCollins in 1998,Of Nobel Birth, she's sold seventeen books to Harlequin, thirteen for their Super romance line, three contemporary single titles and a novella.

Brenda Novak.com The Best Reviews


Rachel Ann Nunes While Rachel mainly focuses on writing contemporary women’s fiction with strong plots and characters, her works also include more generally focused novels. While serving an LDS mission to Portugal, Rachel met her husband, TJ. They now live in Utah Valley and are the parents of six children—three boys and three girls.


Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Ariana: A Gift Most Precious

Photo: Gather the Women
Carol Lynn Pearson
She has written several volumes of poetry including Beginnings, The Search, The Growing Season, A Widening View, I Can’t Stop Smiling, and Women I Have Known and Been.  She created a one-woman play which she has performed more than three hundred times, "Mother Wove the Morning," in which she play sixteen women throughout history in search of the female face of God, a subject that has been a driving force in her life.  The video of the play earned an award from "Booklist" as "one of the top 25 videos of the year."
Source: C.L. Pearson.com
Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Consider the Butterfly: Transforming Your Life Through Meaningful Coincidence

Photo: Burburinho
Anne Perry
She has written more than 30 popular mysteries set in Victorian London, seven million copies in print. "At first, I gave the missionaries such a hard time, because there were some things I couldn't accept, but now I can't remember what they were. I really can't... I got down on my knees before I went to bed, and I asked my Father in Heaven if it was true or not, and when I woke up in the morning, the room was absolutely filled with light — and I don't mean sunlight."
Source: Deseret News

January Magazine, profile

Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
No Graves as Yet: A Novel of World War I

photo courtesy of the author
Tristi Pinkston
She is the author of two LDS historical fiction novels, Nothing to Regret and Strength to Endure, both World War II sagas produced by Granite Publishing.  Each story speaks to the soul of the reader as she explores the intricacies of war and the raw human emotion that accompanies world conflict.  She has been critically acclaimed for her in depth research and her rich writing style.&nbs[; Visit her web site at Tristi Pinkston.com to learn more about this fresh new writer. Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Strength to Endure: A Historical Novel
Fabrizio Poli


He is a convert to the Church (baptized in July 1995) and never looked back since. Fabrizio says: "The gospel has and is bringing many great blessings to both my family and myself. He  is an Airline Pilot for leading European Airline Ryan Air and his first book Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude: How to Fly Out of the Cube & Gain Your Freedom is doing very well here in the UK

Our love at first sight!


[Janette Rallison]

Photo: LDSCN
Tom Roulstone
He was first published in 1981 with an article in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly. He is the author of two LDS historical fiction novels and one Western. In December 2000 he retired from college history teaching to pursue writing full time. Elisabeth: Passage of Promise has been in bookstores since Jun 2004.

Homepage  Cedar Fort.com

Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Elisabeth: Passage of Promise
[B.J. Rowley] [Gordon Ryan] [Jeffrey Savage]


Brandon Sanderson


He is a fantasy author. A Nebraska native, he currently resides in Orem, Utah, while he finishes up his Master's degree in Creative Writing from Brigham Young University. Sanderson's writing is noteworthy for its epic fantasy tone, unique settings, precision magic systems, and variety of characters.


Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Candace E. Salima


Candace E. Salima, the author of Forged in the Refiner's Fire, 13 & 0: Reflections of Champions and Out of the Shadows . . . Into the Light, has her fingers in many pies. With a book in the works with Merrill Osmond, the launching of her new podcast, Imagine, and two more of her own books on the way, Candace is a busy woman and a quickly rising star in the LDS industry. She travels around the nation promoting literacy at churches, schools and organizations. 


Imagine Podcast

Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Out of the Shadows ...Into the Light

Photo: Herbert Huber
Samuel W. Taylor
author and screenwriter
Samuel W. Taylor was a descendant of President John Taylor. He wrote many stories and magazine articles for the Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, Adventure and Esquire. He also wrote books concerning Mormonism including The Last Pioneer: John Taylor, a Mormon Prophet (1999) and film scripts including The Absent Minded Professor (1961).

Internet Movie Database Biography (German)

Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
The Last Pioneer: John Taylor, a Mormon prophet
[Linda Shelley Whiting]

Photo: Dartmouth
Terry Tempest Williams
writer and conservationist
She says, "I write through my biases of gender, geography, and culture. I am a woman whose ideas have been shaped by the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau, these ideas are then filtered through the prism of my culture and my culture is Mormon. The tenets of family and community which I see at the heart of that culture are then articulated through story." She is best known for her book Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place , a chronicle of the rise of Great Salt Lake and the flooding of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in 1983, alongside her mother's ovarian cancer, caused by radioactive fallout from the nuclear tests in the Nevada desert in the 1950's and 60's. It is regarded as a classic in American Nature Writing, a testament to loss and the earth's healing grace.
Source: Coyote Clan
Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place

Photo: Fantastic Fiction
Dave Wolverton
aka David Farland
science fiction
He has published ten novels in the fields of fantasy and science fiction, and has been nominated for the Nebula and Hugo awards.  Many new writers know him as a judge for the L. Ron Hubbard "Writers of the Future" contest.  He won the top award in the contest in 1987, an event which effectively sparked his career.  Last summer, he broke the Guinness Book world record for most book signings at one sitting for A Very Strange Trip, which he adapted from an L. Ron Hubbard short story.
Source: On Breaking Through by Scott Nicholson, Haunted Computer, 1999
Copyright © 2006 Deseret Book
Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia
[Julie Wright]


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