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Episode Guide
Last Updated: July 24, 2006

Doctor Who reigns as the longest-running science fiction television series of all time. From 1963 through 1989, and a brief resurgence in television movie form in 1996, it survived twenty-six seasons, seven changes of the lead actors, over 40 arrivals and departures of supporting cast and countless changes to its production team. Yet there were always two things that remained constant: the Doctor's ship, the TARDIS, in the guise of a 20th Century English police box; and the Doctor himself, always a champion of good against the forces of evil.

From crotchety William Hartnell to giddy Patrick Troughton, suave Jon Pertwee to flamboyant Tom Baker, childlike Peter Davison to rambunctious Colin Baker, slap-dash Sylvester McCoy to adventurous Paul McGann and brooding Christopher Eccleston, and finally the latest incarnation, maniacal David Tennant, whose exploits begin in late 2005 on BBC1, the Doctor has been a staple of British consciousness through four decades and beyond. Its fans are legion, both across Britain and over six continents. Even after its original cancellation in 1989, the series continued through books, audio plays and radio dramas... until it returned in 2005, over fifteen years later, with a new cast and crew.

Outpost Gallifrey presents our Doctor Who Episode Guide, an in-depth reference tool for all 26 seasons of the series and the TV movie as well as the 2005 revival, featuring cast lists, production information, release info (video, DVD, audio and novelisations), archival info, handy links, screen captures and a complete and detailed synopsis as featured in the Doctor Handbook series by David J. Howe, Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker (reproduced here with permission of the authors).

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