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Talking About Organizing


Feb. / March 2005
Tools For Change

Dec. 2004 / Jan. 2005
The Secret Sauce
Back to the Grassroots

Oct. / Nov. 2004
Horse Sense & Organizing

Feb. / March 2004
The Impact of Mandatory Votes

Dec. 2003 / Jan. 2004
Face to Face or Cyberspace

Oct. / Nov. 2003
Making the Right Choices

Aug. / Sept. 2003
Forget the Numbers
Adapt to Change
Are Unions Obsolete?

July 2003
Organizing at a Crossroads
Psssst! Wanna Join a Union
10 Ways to Bosses Break the Law


An Ongoing Discussion

Welcome to Our Times's ongoing series called "Talking About Organizing." The following commentaries are part of an ongoing dialogue started in Our Times by union researcher Bill Murnighan, in his article, called "Organizing at a Crossroads," which was published in the May/June 2003 issue.

According to Murnighan, organizing in Canada today is both a good-news and a bad-news story. "The good news is that workers in Canada want to join unions, and they do so readily when given a chance," writes Murnighan. "The bad news is that we're stuck. Our rate of unionization is not growing and, because of changes underway in the economy, we're on the edge of a possible steep decline. The Canadian labour movement can't really go forward – or even stay as strong as it is – without unions making some fundamental changes in our approach and strategies."

The first article in our series is entitled "Organizing at a Crossroads". Follow along with the discussion by clicking the links along the left side menu.

If you would like to add to this constructive conversation, send your comments to: editor@ourtimes.ca.

Mailing address:
"Talking About Organizing"
Our Times
P.O. Box 182
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