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“Blessings of loving kindness and compassion we offer to all in times past, present and future who have opened the doors of wisdom, reuniting all beings with their intrinsic purity
“Edo Shonin”


Edo Shonin has been a monk in the Nyingma and Shingon traditions for over 40 years. Born to a devoted Buddhist family, his monastic education began at 5 years of age. From the beginning he has been devoted to the traditional Shingon ways as well as the Lam Rim and Dzog Chen teachings of the Nyingma. He has dedicated all of his life to learning and teaching Buddhism in various countries.
He is a strong believer that Buddhist teachings will aid the modern society, helping people to live in a loving, compassionate manner, being mindful and aware of their own lives and the lives of other sentient beings. Even in the most Buddhist cultures such as Thailand and Sri Lanka, he has seen how corruption has infiltrated the teachings and it is his dream to maintain the purity, integrity and simplicity of Buddhist teachings. Having been Abbot of various monasteries in the East, he has now been invited to Great Britain.

In the various poor and warring counties where he has taught, he has dedicated himself to helping people who do not have basic necessities such as food and medical supplies, in short, where there is much obvious physical suffering. However, as he says, there is a different and more complex form of suffering that we find mainly in the industrialized socitey; attatchments, aversions, greed, hate, strong negative emotions, in short that of spiritual deprivation. He has been invited to Great Britain, opening the Pine Forest community, where people may take refuge, find spiritual nutrition and transform their suffering.

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