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Continuing the configuration of a secure wireless network, this part deals with configuring the IAS server to recognise authentication requests from your wireless device. The first part of configuring IAS is configuring a RADIUS client. In this case, Read More
So I've got a few blog posts which piece together something I've been trying to do (and finally got working) since moving to Seattle. Namely - set up a secure wireless network. Now, I did have a wireless network at home when I was in England, but it wasn't Read More
This webcast coming up next week took my eye as I've recently put in a (hopefully) secure wireless network at home over the past few weeks since moving over to the US. There's a few blog posts about that and some of the pain which has been involved - Read More
I installed the trial of Windows Live OneCare on my childrens machine at home last week - the 90 day trial is available here. If you haven't seen it yet, OneCare can be thought of as an all-in-one tune up and peace of mind package including Antivirus, Read More
Just seen that this is now available for download from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.mspx Cheers,John. Read More
If you want to get your hands on Windows Vista Beta 2 have a good internet connection (or some patience) and a DVD burner, try this link. You'll need a passport account. Once you logon, you'll be given a product key and the full download links. There Read More
Well nearly anyway. Long story about how I found this one, but if you run the Windows XP SP2 32-bit winver.exe on a Windows Server 2003 x64 SP1 machine, you get the screen shot below :) Maybe I should file a bug? Cheers,John. Read More
Just spotted that WSUS SP1 is available for download. SP1 now supports updating machines running Windows Vista, comes with a newer version of MSDE and supports SQL Server 2005. Gives me my weekend upgrade task at home :) Follow this link for the WSUS Read More
This question came up a few days ago - now that Windows Vista Beta 2 is released, can you still sysprep an installation to clone it for having multiple virtual machines? Of course, the same can be applied to a physical machine if necessary. Answer is Read More
There's a new website going live today where you can see more about Windows Vista and the possibilities that are possible with the platform through demonstrations of how partners and customers are using it. Read More
Particularly apt given Windows Vista Beta 2 was release on Tuesday this week is a webcast coming up next week (30th May) at 8AM Pacific (4PM UK time) about how to use SMS 2003 to deploy operating systems in general, and specifically the Operating System Read More
I've just been watching Bill doing the keynote at WinHEC - you can view it here. Some announcements he made (apart from Windows Virtualization) were that today we're making Windows Vista Beta 2, Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" Beta and Office Read More
Yesterday evening, I was at home and attempting to remotely connect to my XP desktop machine in the office to access an application which was installed there, but not installed on my laptop. This was over VPN. Now I’ve only had both machines for a few Read More
Here's a tip I learnt a couple of months ago and meant to post up before - totally forgot. Maybe it's force of habit, but rather than opening a new instance Internet Explorer, going to the address bar and typing in a web page, it's quicker to do start/run Read More
I received an email from David Solomon - author of Windows Internals this morning. By amazing coincidence, I happened to have a copy of it open and reading it just as the email came in. David & his colleage, Mark Russinovich regularly give courses Read More
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