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So I've got a few blog posts which piece together something I've been trying to do (and finally got working) since moving to Seattle. Namely - set up a secure wireless network. Now, I did have a wireless network at home when I was in England, but it wasn't Read More
I've rippled through quite a few nagging problems since my server failure at home a few weeks ago. One of the more intriguing problem I only noticed a couple of days ago. One server had not been running scheduled Shadow Copies. When you schedule shadow Read More
All because I left, I guess ;) So (IMHO), one of the great things about the TechNet evenings on the Microsoft UK Campus in Reading was the availability of beer & pizza at the break. (Of course, before I get blasted with comments about encouraging Read More
Well nearly anyway. Long story about how I found this one, but if you run the Windows XP SP2 32-bit winver.exe on a Windows Server 2003 x64 SP1 machine, you get the screen shot below :) Maybe I should file a bug? Cheers,John. Read More
English football, that will be :) Just seen a new download posted a couple of days ago incorrectly named "Microsoft Soccer Scorecard" to keep track of the world cup scores. I can't say I'm much of a football fan, but I do like watching England play in Read More
Long time scripters will, I'm sure, know this. Useful to mention as I was writing a script over the long weekend (it was memorial day here in the US yesterday - makes up for the many UK bank holidays I've missed over the past couple of months!) which Read More
This week has been a little strained, hence quiet on the blogging front. Apart from a hectic week at work (more to follow on that shortly), the reason was a "disaster" which happened late last Sunday evening - everything was working at home one moment, Read More
Yesterday evening, I was at home and attempting to remotely connect to my XP desktop machine in the office to access an application which was installed there, but not installed on my laptop. This was over VPN. Now I’ve only had both machines for a few Read More
Here's a tip I learnt a couple of months ago and meant to post up before - totally forgot. Maybe it's force of habit, but rather than opening a new instance Internet Explorer, going to the address bar and typing in a web page, it's quicker to do start/run Read More
Quick questions: In a firewall, if you're presented with a checkbox asking if you want to block requests with ambigious extensions, what would you do? I'm guessing the answer from 99% of you would be "of course, I want to be as secure as Read More
Hopefully this will help someone who's not necessarily adept at creating photo web-sites using FrontPage for example. Since moving to Seattle nearly a month ago now, I've been meaning to find a decent way of building a flexible web-site for sharing photos Read More
Back in my developer days when I was building DLLs and OCXs, I was constantly registering and unregistering DLLs using the command line (find me a dev who isn't a command line junkie - I still have two prompts open as I type this). As time's gone on, Read More
You'd think this was an easy question to answer - how do you turn the lights on? During the day, it's easy in my new office - turn on the (upside-down) switch on the wall. I've worked in offices before where lights are controlled by dialling numbers Read More
(Sponsor removed to keep legal happy - brits will understand exactly what the subject means!) So it's 29 days early for me (being a Brit who do dates the "correct" way - ie dd/mm/yy, and boy is that still confusing me being over here), but tonight at three Read More
So now I'm a little more settled into the office complete with the dual monitors, speakers and a few other creature comforts I didn't have in Microsoft UK, I need to progress onto more practical issues - apart from figuring out why US light switches Read More
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