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The University of Arizona

Polo Team

Polo Team, 1924-25

1924/25 Polo Team

During the 1920s and 30s the sport that first brought The University of Arizona national recognition was Polo. The sport was established in 1922 with horses and a coach provided by the military, and with athletes from the school's ROTC unit. The first teams were the target of snide remarks from football and basketball team members, but the detractors soon had to eat their words. The 1924 squad captured the Western Collegiate Championship and traveled to the east coast where it presented President Calvin Coolidge a cowboy hat. They met Princeton for the intercollegiate title, losing 6-2 and 8-0.

The coming of World War II and the conversion of cavalry from horses to mechanized equipment was to spell doom for the sport at the university. Without the financial and personnel support of the U.S. Army and the campus ROTC detachment, the University was unable to continue sponsoring a team.

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