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This webcast coming up next week took my eye as I've recently put in a (hopefully) secure wireless network at home over the past few weeks since moving over to the US. There's a few blog posts about that and some of the pain which has been involved - Read More
You know how sometimes you become so focussed on one thing, you can lose touch with everything else going on around you? So my apologies on this one, only just found out about a series of six webcasts this month around virtualization. The first two Read More
Particularly apt given Windows Vista Beta 2 was release on Tuesday this week is a webcast coming up next week (30th May) at 8AM Pacific (4PM UK time) about how to use SMS 2003 to deploy operating systems in general, and specifically the Operating System Read More
Another Webcast (level 300) coming up shortly which should be worth watching - I'm keeping half an eye on what's happening with Exchange 2007 and some of the big changes especially around the way in which it is managed. Unfortunately it starts at Read More
Just seen the list of webcasts for next week - there's a couple on the list worth mentioning. All times are PST (add 8 hours for UK time) Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Windows Vista for the Enterprise (Level 200)Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - 9:30 Read More
I have to share this one with you - in around three weeks time, there's a series of webcasts on Exchange 12 running over 4 days. The better news is (I'm guessing for US attendees only though) is that if you attend all four webcasts (can be viewed on demand, Read More
One other webcast also spotted this morning - this one should be really good. WMI is an incredibly powerful tool for an IT Professional to have available. However, it's often (IMHO) cumbersome to script against and (again IMHO) somewhat difficult to grasp Read More
In my inbox this morning and worth posting up are a series of three webcasts coming up over the next couple of weeks about using Group Policy and IPSec for Network Isolation - something I'm still looking for time to implement at home. Details are Read More
Just a quick reminder for another Windows Server 2003 R2 related webcast tomorrow (10th Nov) at 9.30AM Seattle Time, 5:30PM UK Time. This session will cover the essential elements that are required for successful branch office planning and deployment. Read More
If you missed yesterdays webcast exploring the three key areas of the upcoming Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2: Branch Office, Storage Management and Active Directory Federation Services, it is available "on demand" to listen at your leisure. If Read More
Just spotted this publicly available webcast on 4th October 1PM-2PM PST (9PM-10PM UK) which should provide a great opportunity to ask questions about where we are heading with the Windows hypervisor technology. TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Virtualization Read More
Monad is definitely a hot topic to watch in the future. I've just discovered that Jeffrey Snovers two webcasts about Monad are available for on-demand viewing. If you want to find out more about the future of command line scripting, these are a good place Read More
Marc Shepard, a Program Manager for Microsoft in the US held a session at Tech·Ed Orlando this year about how to upgrade from SUS to Windows Server Update Services, the next version of SUS. I know this session was highly rated, and I've already listened Read More
After posting up the link to the whitepaper about how Microsoft IT is using Virtual Server internally, I've now found out about a webcast on 16th August which will give the opportunity to ask the "what's and why's" about the implementation. I've included Read More
On 15th September, there will be four global webcasts at different times throughout the day to cater for the time differences which will highlight some major announcments for the software assurance for Volume Licensing program enhancements. You Read More
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