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This Website has been set up so the people of Somerset can get official recognition their county's flag. Lots of people from Somerset proudly fly the red wyvern and think it is the county's flag. But here's the rub; if you fly one of the many available Somerset flags you are for official purposes not flying the county's flag at all, but that of the County Council. The red wyvern of Somerset (a dragon actually, heraldically speaking) can be seen everywhere in the county on practically everything that belongs to Somerset County Council from libraries to lamp posts.

Wyverns and dragons are firmly embedded in Somerset's history, folklore and consciousness. I thought why not have an official flag for the entire county, which included one of its most popular and recognizable symbols? In short I intend to get official recognition for the wyvern as the flag of the ceremonial county of Somerset (including BANES and North Somerset), first by getting permission from Somerset C.C. then by registering it.

Alternatively, I intend to organise a competition through the Media to design a flag for Somerset, North Somerset and Bath And North East Somerset to unite the whole county under a single flag.

I've included a history of the flag, plus I have mentioned some other issues effecting Somerset that might be of interest.

  • A History of the Somerset Flag

  • Facts and Fallacies About Somerset.

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  • My critique of the Wessex Movement.

  • Celtic Devon versus Wessex! Seconds out, round one!

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