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Frog Focus Botany

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Frog Focus Botany is a community-based, conservation education project that highlights frogs and their importance to the environment. 

In 1998, Taronga Zoo Education Centre and Herpetofauna staff initiated Frog Focus Botany, a project that involves the introduction of captive-bred Green and Golden Bell Frog tadpoles into a selected site within the Sir Joseph Banks Reserve, at Botany. Local school students, teachers and parents from Botany Public School and JJ Cahill High School, and local community members are actively involved in Frog Focus Botany. This is the first time in Australia that school students have been involved with the release of an endangered frog species.

The Frog Focus Botany action team have been involved in a variety of activities.

Students and community members are developing a greater understanding of their local environment and an animal that was once a common neighbour. Through this conservation education program and connection with nature, these citizens are able to make a contribution to their local environment which will lead to greater action and environmental commitment.


Frog Focus Botany is an example of individuals as conservationists and demonstrates how organisations like Taronga Zoo can work to equip communities with a greater understanding and skills to improve their local environment.

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