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Saturday, 19 August 2006
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Australia’s first low-carb beer is pure blonde
Oct 4, 2004
Author: CUB

It started as a celebrity secret that evolved into a phenomenon, and now the low-carb beer trend that has overtaken America has reached our shores with the launch of Australia’s first low-carb beer, Pure Blonde.

Developed by Carlton & United Beverages, Pure Blonde provides the smart beer alternative for those who are health and lifestyle conscious but still enjoy a great tasting beer.

Australia’s recent pre-occupation with all things low-carb (think South Beach, Atkins) follows the global search for healthier food and drink options. Whether under doctor’s orders or a self-imposed lifestyle change, Australian consumers are increasingly demanding a range of healthier alternatives without having to accept a trade-off in flavour – it can be a smarter health option but still taste great.

Pure Blonde is a full strength beer (4.6 % ABV) that is not made in the US ‘lite beer’ style. Pure Blonde retains a full flavoured, clean and crisp taste profile and is made in an easy drinking style. The combination of a great tasting beer and low-carb content is surely the answer many health and lifestyle conscious beer lovers have been seeking.

So what is ‘low-carb’? If you overeat, that is, consume excess energy that you do not burn off during everyday activity and exercise, the body responds by storing this energy as fat. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates reduces your energy intake, therefore assisting in weight loss, as long as it is done within a balanced diet and with regular exercise.

Pure Blonde contains only 0.9 grams of carbohydrates per 100mL (or 125kj / 100mL) - a significant reduction to a standard full strength beer that on average contains around 20 % more energy (155kj / 100mL or 3g / 100mL), yet the same alcohol content. But the master brewers of Pure Blonde have ensured that there is no reduction in taste.

Carlton & United Beverages has a long history of innovation in brewing, so consumers can be confident that Pure Blonde is a great beer made by some of the best brewers in the world. And a few of them are looking a bit slimmer round the tummy of late – we wonder what they might be drinking?!

Pure Blonde – it’s all good!

Pure Blonde is 4.6 % ABV, delivering 1.3 standard drinks per 355ml bottle. It is available at selected liquor stores, restaurants and bars nationwide from October 2004. Pure Blonde comes in six-packs (355ml bottles) with a recommended retail price of $ 12.99.


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