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Présence Africaine, “Revue Culturelle du Monde Noir”

Paris, France. 1947-present


In 1947, Présence Africaine was founded in Paris by Alioune Diop with the aim of revealing the African presence to the world. Diop was determined to address and rectify the continent’s absence from the pages of history by giving voice to the black half of humanity having been “enclosed in a sort of cosmic silence for millennia.” Over the course of almost sixty years, this periodical has published thousands of texts in virtually every field of thought by hundreds of authors. Having stood unrivaled for decades as the locus of African and Diasporic intellectual production in the pre- and post-Independence era, it represented a passage obligé for some of the twentieth century’s greatest cultural, scientific and political figures.

Just as Simone de Beauvoir played a fundamental role in the creation, development and day-to-day maintenance of Les Temps Modernes, assuming its direction after the death of Jean-Paul Sartre in 1980, and just as Suzanne Césaire made significant contributions to Tropiques, so Christiane Yandé Diop similarly provided indispensable service to Présence Africaine, notably in her role as “Directrice-Gérante” from its very first issue onward. Yandé Diop has remained at the helm of the journal and publishing house since her husband’s passing in 1980.



A reprint of the inaugural 1947 issue of Présence Africaine is available through the publishing house by the same name (25 bis rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris,) as are a good many back issues.



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Anniversary Issues:

Inquiry into Présence Africaine has been largely spearheaded by the journal itself in the form of colloquia and anniversary or tribute issues. These include:


Mélanges: réflexions d’hommes de culture. Présence Africaine 1947-1967. Paris: Présence Africaine, 1969.

30e Anniversaire de Présence Africaine . Hommage à Alioune Diop. Paris: Présence Africaine, 1977.

50e Anniversaire de la Revue Présence Africaine: Colloque de Dakar. Paris: Présence Africaine, 1999.

50 Ans d’Histoire 1947- 1997. Paris: Présence Africaine, 1997.