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Bachelor of Health Science


The University of New England's Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) award is offered in collaboration with the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT), a leading private providers of education in Naturopathy. This innovative, practitioner-based course design was pioneered by the University of New England, and had its first intake of students in 1994.

The BHSc (Naturopathy) gives students access to the knowledge base, research background and traditions of academic excellence which characterise the University of New England's academic staff, by undertaking units of study in foundation and applied Health Science delivered by UNE's School of Health and the School of Biological, Biomedical and Molecular science. These units are studied concurrently with the professional modalities comprising Naturopathic practice, delivered by experienced natural therapies practitioners from a leading private provider of education in Naturopathy. The integrated program of study combines academic rigour with professional excellence, producing graduates equipped to become leaders in the rapidly expanding field of complementary health care.

The course covers all areas of human anatomy and physiology, relevant aspects of disease processes, micro organisms and the immune system, and basic principles of pharmacology. Advanced units of the curriculum incorporate research methods in health, health promotion and topics in applied physiology such as stress management physiology and the biology of human ageing.

As well as preparing graduates for a career as highly skilled primary contact practitioners, the Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) also provides the necessary foundation for postgraduate study and research in the UNE Bachelor of Health Science (Honours), Master of Health Science (Honours) and PhD programs.

Graduates will become advocates for their profession through sustainable practice, with the capacity to successfully pursue a range of health related careers.


Entry requirements

  • Enrolment in an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy with ACNT; and
  • Concurrent enrolment in the Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) award with UNE.


Award requirements

  • Completion of the ACNT Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy; and
  • Completion of an additional 8 specified UNE units concurrently by distance education.


International students please note:

You are required to maintain a full time study load with ACNT in the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy throughout your candidature. The units undertaken part time by distance education with UNE are in addition to the ACNT course and must not affect your full time study load with ACNT.

Normal award sequence

  UNE units


Naturopathy units
(delivered by ACNT)

Year 1      
Semester 1

HHSC 101

Body Chemistry, Coverings, Support and Movement

1st year Naturopathy
Semester 2 HHSC 102 Body Maintenance  
Year 2      
Semester 1 HHSC 201 Control, Coordination and Transportation 2nd year Naturopathy
Semester 2 HHSC 202 Survival and Continuation of Life  
Year 3      
Semester 1 HS 265 Research Methods in Health 3rd year Naturopathy
    Group 2E unit  
Semester 2   Group 2D unit  
    Group 2E unit  


UNE units

Group 2A


HHSC 101

HHSC 102

HHSC 201

HHSC 202

Body Chemistry, Coverings, Support and Movement

Body Maintenance

Control, Coordination and Transportation

Survival and Continuation of Life

Group 2C

HS 265

Research Methods in Health

Group 2D

HSHM 301

HS 322

Health Education and Promotion

Complementary Therapies in the Health Care System

Group 2E

*HSCS 313

HHSC 243

HHSC 383

HHSC 384

HHSC 398

HUMN 340

PHAR 322

Counselling in the Health Professions

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

Stress and Stress Management Physiology

Biology of Human Ageing

Special Topic in Human Health Bioscience

Issues in Human Nutrition

Introduction to Pharmacy



*HSCS 313 will be available from 2006 subject to approval by UNE Academic Board


Collaborating partner in the UNE Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Australasian College of Natural Therapies 57-61 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Tel: 02 9218 8888
Fax: 02 9281 4411
email: info@acnt.edu.au
Web: www.acnt.edu.au

ACNT CRICOS Provider No. 00220K

Australasian College of Natural Therapies is one of Australia's premier colleges of Complementary or Alternative Medicine, located in the heart of Sydney. ACNT offers over 80 natural therapy and natural beauty therapy courses including courses in naturopathy, herbal medicine, massage therapy, bodywork, reflexology, aromatherapy and many more.

As one of the largest, internationally accredited natural therapy or complementary medicine colleges in the world, Australasian College of Natural Therapies is proud to be a preferred college of the natural therapies profession in Australia.

ACNT was the winner of the NSW Small Training Provider of the year in 2003, and was a 2004 finalist.

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