My regular kit is a Pearl EXR (Strata Black): 22" Bass drum, 18" Floor Tom, 16" Floor Tom, 12" Tom & 14" Snare. I use Sabian cymbals: 14" Hi-hat, 18" Crash, 18" Crash, 22" Jazz Ride.
My second kit is a Ludwig (Black Oyster) 22" Bass drum, 16" Floor, 13" Tom 14" Snare.
The green Ludwig Vista-Lite kit is what I used in the video for Everything┬┤s on TV.
I have another Ludwig kit (Champagne sparkle) that has a 20" Bass drum, double 16" Floor Toms and double 12" Toms.
I also have a Yamaha kit (look at The Wild Kings-pictures) which is 22" Bass drum, 18" Floor, 13" Tom.
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