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GUAM Mulls over Joint Peacekeeping Unit
Georgia will violate the 1994 Moscow agreement on cease-fire if it sends troops to Kodori gorge (Sergey Bagapsh)
Chief of a paramilitary group in Kodori said he will resist any attempt by the authorities to disarm his militia group
Chechen leader Basayev killed on eve of G8 summit
March of Batumi refugees to Sokhumi, a Georgian provocation (Bagapsh)

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Saakashvili: Returning of Abkhazia is the main goal of Georgia
Breaking News published on 21/11/2005

Tbilisi, November 21 - Georgian President Mikheil Saakshvili has delivered a speech dedicated to the authority's achievements after the Rose Revolution, held on 23 November, 2003, and stated future plans.

In his report Saakashvili spoke about the authority's main aims and goals, including the returning of the breakaway regions and the restoring of the territorial integrity.

Saakashvili stressed that 'Next time we also peacefully as it was two years ago, shall be directed to Abkhazia to liberate Sukhumi. Returning of Abkhazia and Abkhazians is the main goal of Georgia.'

'We shall necessarily spread a wave of freedom and democracy to other Georgian parts', including Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Saakashvili stated.

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