For people who are blind and vision impaired in South Australia Judo is available at the following three levels:

  1. Social and physical educational reasons.
    This is where players learn and practice basic Judo skills such as falling correctly and safely, improve fitness, co-ordination and practice the sport in a safe club environment.
  2. Competitive sporting reasons.
    This is where athletes will enter competitions to apply their skills in a competitive situation.
  3. For learning Kata's and self defence.
    Kata is where techniques are learnt and performed with a partner in a set format to demonstrate that they have knowledge and understanding of the sport.
How Judo is played

The main idea of Judo is to throw your partner in any of the eight directions so they land on their back. In a competition situation if a player is thrown on their back cleanly the fight is won at that point. Failing to throw an opponent cleanly one will receive a score for the throw. Then fighting will continue on the ground. Where the objective then is to hold the player down on their back for 25 seconds or to apply a strangle or arm lock until the player submits (Junior players under the age of 16 are not permitted to do or learn strangles or arm locks).

In vision impaired Judo competitions players are brought together where they take grips of their opponent. Then the command to start fighting is given. When competing against sighted players athletes are approximately two meters apart when the command to start fighting is given.

Players with a vision impairment can go all the way and represent their country at the highest level at the Paralympics. Nothing prevents a vision impaired person from representing their country at the highest level against fully sighted Judokas.

The forerunner for people who are blind and/or vision impaired participating in Judo in South Australia was Anthony Clarke.

His achievements and Awards

Contact Details

For more information about judo please contact:

Anthony Clarke
Phone: (08) 8261 3715

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