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Newsletter: July 1999
*  Welcome
*  New Things to Note
*  Customer Support
*  What's Happening at Karrinyup
*  BankWest and iiNet
*  Internet Censorship Bill
*  Tucows - Software Galore!
*  The GST, iiNet and You
*  iiNet Staff
*  Your Input
*  Credits

Firstly our apologies for the slight delay between this newsletter and the May newsletter. When you see what's been happening at iiNet you'll certainly understand why there was a delay. To everyone who requested the next newsletter; thanks for dropping us a line we appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

New Modem Lines — Since the last newsletter we have installed over 500 lines, being over 200 lines per month. In addition to the 3,500 plus digital telephone lines which allow dial-up customers to connect at high speeds with 56K modems, iiNet still maintains several hundred analogue lines. iiNet ceased installing analogue lines some two years ago when the digital equivalent was made available. The time has come to wind down the analogue lines and these are slowly being phased out.

New Akamai Server — Akamai (AH kuh my) is Hawaiian for intelligent, clever and informally, "cool". iiNet is now hosting one of three Akamai servers in Australia. The Akamai server mirrors some of the worlds largest commercial web sites, such as and This new Akamai server will make twenty-two of the world's most popular web sites much faster for iiNet customers.

24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! Now that is Customer Service! If you have any questions regarding your accounts or our services and products then the Customer Support Team at iiNet will be able to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can be contacted on (08) 9214 2222 or

When users were having connection problems that were difficult to solve over the phone, iiNet would offer the choice of bringing the system into the city office for a FREE overnight configuration. The problem with this solution was the difficulty of parking and the inconvenience of carrying the computer from the carpark to the iiNet city office. Another option is now available!

We have opened a branch at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. This outlet is between National Australia Bank and Australia Post on the outside of the North-West section of the shopping centre, near Myers and the public library. The shop is open from Monday to Saturday, with late night trade till 9pm on Thursdays.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your Internet software configuration, call our support line on (08) 9214 2222 and alert them that you wish to drop your PC into the Karrinyup outlet for a FREE overnight configuration. Parking is very convenient.

As with head office, staff at Karrinyup can assist with general product and service queries, along with setting up new accounts, processing payments and assisting with general support questions. There's also a range of iiNet merchandise, assorted computer accessories (including modems, cables and storage devices and media) and we also have a wide range of Linux software.

The most exciting component of the new outlet would be the FREE Internet Web terminals that provide Web browsing and the ability to check your iiNet e-mail account. It is also possible to create an e-mail accounts via these terminals.

The Karrinyup Shopping Centre has been kind enough to allow iiNet to place two of these Internet terminals into the North-West mall next to Dome. Come in and let us know what you think.


iiNet is offering two great Internet access accounts for BankWest customers.

Both allow you to take advantage of iiNet's phone and e-mail support service, available from 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Account   	BankWest Endeavour  	BankWest Discovery

Access time 	30 hours per month    	8 hours per month

Fees and	$30 setup fee,        	$30 setup fee,
    charges	$300/annum; or       	$90 per annum*
               	$80/quarter*; or      	plus $3 per
	            $30/month* plus       	additional hour in
              	$3 per additional     	excess of 8 hours
              	hour in excess of     	per month
              	30 hours per month

Extra         	Includes 10mb of
   features   	storage for
              	creating your own
              	web pages
  *Payment by Credit Card or BankWest direct debit only.

For further information on these accounts, or to have an application form sent out, please contact iiNet on (08) 9214 2299 or email

The government relied on the backing of the two independent Senators to ram its Internet Censorship Bill through the Senate on May 26. The new Bill introduces legislation that makes ISPs responsible for removing offensive content from the Internet.

Whatever one may think of the Government's motives or intentions, there is unanimous industry opinion that the laws are unworkable and will not achieve the expressed aims. Current filter technology is not capable of either blocking all illegal material or ensuring that legal material is not blocked. However, the ABA is under a statutory obligation to force ISPs to use the best means available to block inappropriate and illegal content, and at present the only options are filter technologies or constant ISP supervision.

It is a fact that censorware products, such as those favoured by the Government, have been found to let through illegal and indecent material and inappropriately block content acceptable by any standard.

iiNet was a consistent critic of the legislation and will continue to lobby the Government directly and through industry associations to limit the "collateral damage" to legal content during the implementation of this law. Our clients' right to information and self- expression is a management priority, and we'll keep our clients informed of developments as the regulations and orders are issued by the ABA.

For more information regarding iiNet's facilities that we have in place for controlling content that can be viewed with your account, please visit our information page regarding Filtering Options for Child Access to the Internet.

iiNet is the official Tucows mirror site in Western Australia! Tucows has literally 1000s of the world's best Internet applications and games; TUCOWS is your resource for the Net's Latest and Greatest software releases.

The best thing about the iiNet Tucows mirror is that it's right here at iiNet in Perth, so everything downlands lightning fast. For more information please visit Tucows at

Annual account clients will have noticed a small change in the invoices they are currently receiving. Where the renewal date falls after 1 July 2000 (GST implementation date) invoices will be raised on a pro-rata basis up to 30 June 2000. These are payable under iiNet's normal terms and conditions contained in our Acceptable Use policy.

Pro-rata invoices will include the comment "Annual fees have been calculated to 30 June 2000. GST is not applicable to this charge.

If you have any questions regarding your account please contact or telephone (08) 9214 2222.

We currently have more than 70 staff on board at iiNet and the numbers are rapidly growing; to enable us to provide 24 hour x 7-day support!

Kim Heitman has joined iiNet as Executive Director. Some of you may know Kim as a leading Internet attorney, as Chairman of Electronic Frontiers Association , a national civil liberties organisation and a founding member and Spokesperson for the WA Internet Association . Kim comes to us after 15 years in sole practice.

John Lindsay recently joined iiNet again! John originally managed our Adelaide office in 1997/98 and then took over as General Manager of Chariot Internet, a local Internet Service provider in Adelaide. John has seen the light and has relocated to Perth with his lovely wife, Sarah-Jane, to take up the challenge of Network Planning Manager for iiNet. If you want to contact John you can do so at

So John, from all the staff at iiNet, "welcome home"!

We are constantly seeking new challenges at iiNet and this can't be done with out your feedback/comments. To everyone who has taken the time to let us know what you think of our services and products we'd like to say thank you and please keep talking to us so that we know what the important issues are. All comments/feedback can be addressed

Thank you for taking the time to read the latest iiNet Newsletter. All the very best regards from the iiNet team - We wish you all well on the Web!

This newsletter produced by Nicky Milham, with contributions by Justin Lowe, Kim Heitman, John Lindsay and Kim Davies.

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