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Port Pirie Overview

Port Pirie is an integrated multi metal smelter and refinery with flexibility to efficiently process a wide range of lead-dominant feedstocks.

Its products include refined lead and lead alloys, silver, zinc, copper, gold and sulphuric acid.

Port Pirie is located on the eastern shore of Spencer Gulf, South Australia and its operations and residue stockpiles are located on site. There is an adjacent dedicated port facility and products are dispatched by road and rail.

The smelter was built in 1889 for processing early Broken Hill lead concentrates. Since then it has been progressively upgraded and is now the largest primary lead smelter in the world. Currently, its blast furnace limits its capacity to approximately 245,000 tonnes per year, however, other parts of the facility have a capacity of approximately 270,000 tonnes. The current zinc and copper production facilities were commissioned in 1967 and 1984 respectively and the lead smelter in which gold and silver are largely recovered was rebuilt in 1998.

Port Pirie leases and operates the adjacent port facility from the Flinders Ports Corporation under a long-term arrangement. It operates a concentrate and residue unloading facility as well as the finished metal product and acid loading facility.

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