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Robot Successfully Completes Unassisted Heart Surgery

Submitted by Aaron Azerad
Last update: 05/19/2006
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In Rome, Italy it appears the first ever unmanned Robot surgery has been successfully completed, long distance never the less.  The surgery took 50 minutes in a Milanese hospital, on a 34-year-old patient suffering from atrial fibrillation.  The operation was conducted in Boston, USA by a PC monitored by Carlo Pappone, head of Arrhythmia and Cardiac Electrophysiology at Milan's San Raffaele university.

Also in attendance were a number of heart specialists, part of the international congress on arrhythmia.  Pappone stated after the completion of the surgery "This operation has enabled us to cross a new frontier, that in the future people could have access to sophisticated surgery wherever they are."  The Italian Doctor has conducted over 40 operations with the robot, some of which have gone onto being described in the Journals of the American College of Cardiology.  Unlike any other previous surgery the robot was able to complete the surgery unaided, where in the past specific instructions had to be given by the operator.

The robot has gained its immense amplitude of knowledge by experience gathered over 10,000 patients.  Pappone further added the expertise of several human surgeons was also incorporated into the software to improve efficiency.  The Robot can even recognize the type of patient and reconfigure the necessary means for operating.  The prototype robot developed by Pappone is being considered a break-through medical research and is set to be placed on sale later this month.



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