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Arena Reports

7/15 OVW in Cordyon, Ind.: C.M. Punk vs. The Miz, Brent (Gunner Scott) Albright

Jul 16, 2006, 18:45

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OVW house show report
July 15, 2006
Corydon, Indiana of Gerdon Youth Center
Report by Steve Skipper, PWTorch reader

Attendance was 68. The time of the show was two hours, eleven minutes.

Special Notes: Beth Phoenix was in attendance and it looks like she has herself in excellent shape. Also, it has been a while since I've been to a show and I had trouble hearing some of the wrestler's names. So I put a question mark next to the names I am unsure about.

(1) Shawn Spears defeated Mike Kruel via pinfall. The match was between two faces, which might explain why it was a quiet match from the audience.

(2) Aaron "The Idol" Stevens & Kasey James defeated Roadkill & Cody Runnels via pinfall. James avoided being in position to wrestle Roadkill throughout the match. The onetime he touched him was during the finish. James was on the outside of the ring and capitalized on Roadkill setting up Stevens for a fallaway slam too close to the ropes. James pulled Roadkill's feet out from under him causing Stevens to be in a lateral press position. The official was unaware of James holding down Roadkill's feet as he made the three count.

(3) Eddie Craven wrestled Brent Albright to a draw. The ten minute time limit expired just prior to Craven tapping out to the Crowbar. It has been said that Gunner Scott (Albright) was sent down to OVW in part to work on his charisma. Well he certainly showed more of an effort to work the crowd than usual tonight. He even had some comedy spots.

The following contest was a Ten Man Gauntlet Match. The winner would receive a shot at the OVW title at the next Corydon event.

(4a) Elijah Burke defeated "The Real Deal" Rod Steele via pinfall. Burke was big with the crowd throughout the Gauntlet Match and impressed me with his athleticism in this contest in particular.

(4b) Elijah Burke defeated Pat Buck via pinfall. Buck wore one of his many absurd outfits to the ring and proceeded to stall the match by goofing around in his corner. Buck laid across the top turnbuckle as if to say, "I am just so smooth." That's when Burke leaped through the air and connected with a flying crossbody. That one devastating move was all Burke needed for the pin.

(4c) Elijah Burke defeated Raul of Los Locos via pinfall. After the very short match Raul got frustrated and kicked the ring post. He then humorously sold the injury as he limped off to the backstage area.

(4d) Elijah Burke defeated Sean Osborne? via pinfall

(4e) Elijah Burke defeated Ramon of Los Locos via pinfall

(4f) Elijah Burke defeated Ched Vulmor? Via pinfall. This is probably the name I am most off on.

(4g) Elijah Burke defeated Chad (? Formerly Toland) via pinfall. This was an interesting match because it was the first time that I have ever personally seen an official use the "X" sign to help sell an injury. The injury was sold after Burke attempted to leapfrog Chad and Chad's shoulder caught Burke's knee. Chad came out dressed in jeans and a cowboy hat. 

(4h) Elijah Burke defeated Shad Gaspard via pinfall. Gaspard is always good with the crowd and drew a big laugh tonight when after a little boy yelled, "You suck!" He replied with, "Your mama sucks!" After he lost, Gaspard grievously kicked an unsuspecting Burke in the back of the head.

And then the music hit…

John William's classic Superman theme boomed throughout the Gerdon Youth Center as a caped figure appeared from the top of a walkway high above the arena floor. He came bumbling through the crowd with the look of opportunity on his face and a grand ovation from the audience.

(4i) "Fearless" Jack Bull defeated Elijah Burke via pinfall. Bull dropped his flask as he nearly fell through the ropes to cover an unconscious Burke.

(5) ODB & Charles "The Hammer" Evans defeated Serena and Chet the Jet via pinfall. ODB and Evans used the tag as well as I've ever seen in a mixed tag match. As usual Serena was a little ball of energy. However Chet left during the match after being distracted by Boris Alexiev and followed him to the backstage area. Distracted by Evans, Serena fell victim to a roll-up by ODB who was visibly making use of the tights.

(6) Jacob Duncan defeated Damien Adams via pinfall. This match was fairly silent as many of the loudest fans in attendance were very young children. And since Jacob Duncan looks like he just broke out of the psyche ward and killed all of the guards on his way out, the children all seemed to be freaked out by the guy.

(7) C.M. Punk defeated Mike "The Miz" Mizanin via submission. The crowd was well behind Punk throughout the match as he forced Mizanin to tap out to the Anaconda Vice.

Match of the Night: ODB & Charles "The Hammer" Evans defeated Serena and Chet the Jet via pinfall

Biggest Pop: "Fearless" Jack Bull

Most Heat: Shad Gaspard


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