Updated : 15, Aug, 2006


Melbourne, Australia August 15th 2006 - Nintendo Australia and Hungry Jacks are pleased to announce that Nintendo keychains are now available with Kids Club Meals for a limited time only.

To help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros., if you purchase a Kids Club meal at Hungry Jacks you will receive one Nintendo keychain, with the choice of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. You will also be able to go into the draw to win a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of New SUPER MARIO BROS.



Melbourne, Australia August 15th 2006 - Pokémon is celebrating its 10th Anniversary year with its fans in a big way with the release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and the announcement of the Pokémon 10th Anniversary - Journey Across Oz Tour.  
Kicking off September 16 and travelling across the country through to October 14, the Tour will allow thousands of Pokémon fans to gather and celebrate this great occasion. 
The Pokémon 10th Anniversary - Journey Across Oz Tour includes many exciting activities, including live costume characters, a Pokémon Trading Card Game play area and many more. Plus fans will be able to compete in the Pokémon Video Game Championships.
Dates and locations are as follows:
Chadstone Shopping Centre - Saturday 16 September  
Westfield Fountain Gate - Sunday 17 September
Westfield Chatswood - Saturday 30 September
Westfield Burwood  - Sunday 1 October
Indooroopilly - Saturday 7 October
Logan Hyperdome - Sunday 8 October
Centro Galleria - Saturday 14 October
The Pokémon Team will also be visiting a number of Toys R Us stores in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.
Keep checking www.nintendo.com.au for more details on the Pokémon Video Games Championships and Toys R Us visits.

Melbourne, Australia August 4th 2006 - The Nintendo DS Connection Tour '06 has come to an end, with thousands of Nintendo fans around the country attending to celebrate 20 Years of Super Mario Bros.

To top off the celebrations, some of the nation's top Nintendo fans entered the Mario Idol Contest, where they performed the Super Mario Bros. theme song on stage. The crowd favourites of the tour are now in the running to win the Mario Idol Prize Pack.

As a member of nintendo.com.au we are giving you the chance to vote for your favourite Mario Idol. Voting is limited to one vote per member. One lucky member who votes will be randomly selected to win an exclusive Mario Bean Bag, which were every Nintendo fans pick as the hottest prize on the Tour.



The nation's favourite Mario Idol as voted by nintendo.com.au members will win an exclusive Mario Idol Prize Pack, including a very rare Mario Statue, an exclusive Mario Bean Bag and a copy of Mario Party 7, Dancing Stage Mario Mix, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Power Tennis, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Party Advance, Mario Pinball Land and Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.


Vote for your favourite Mario Idol and go into the draw to win an exclusive Mario Bean Bag.
Voting closes September 2nd 2006
Good luck to all the contestants!

Melbourne, Australia August 1st 2006 - Nintendo Australia and  McDonald's are pleased to announce that Pokemon toys are now available with McDonald's Happy Meals for a limited time only.

Gotta catch 'em all.

In this animated world, humans live alongside creatures called Pokemon. All have unique talents, strengths and weaknesses. From the all time hero Pikachu, Minum and Plusle to Charizard and Munchlax, there's something for everyone.

Battle it out with your favourite Pokemon, now at McDonald's!

Melbourne, Australia July 25th 2006 - The Nintendo DS Connection Tour '06 - Celebrating 20 Years of Super Mario Bros. concluded this weekend in Western Australia.

Check out the response the tour received from all the Nintendo fans in Western Australia, who proved they are some of the biggest fans and best players in the country.  In a first for the tour, the crowd chose 5 winners for the Mario Idol competition.

Mario and the Nintendo Crew would like to thank all of those that attended, making this the biggest and best Connection Tour yet.

Stay Tuned for the Mario Idol competition coming soon, where you will get to vote for your favourite Mario Idol video and win some yet to be revealed prizes that are sure to excite any Mario fan.


Melbourne, Australia July 6th 2006 - Nintendo Australia are pleased to announce the release of the limited edition Nintendogs Best Friends Version Nintendo DS bundle.

You'll never find a cuter, more attractive bundle. Starting today, Nintendo will offer a limited-edition bundle featuring a Nintendo DS system, a "Best Friends" edition of the best-selling Nintendogs and a Nintendogs DS Skin. The special bundle-only version of Nintendogs will let owners start with the six most popular breeds chosen from the three Nintendogs editions.

Shoppers will get to choose between a Mystic Pink colour DS or a Cosmic Blue colour DS. The bundle will sell for a SRP of $199.95.

The special fourth edition of Nintendogs packed in this bundle includes the following starter breeds: Labrador retriever, golden retriever, German shepherd dog, beagle, Yorkshire terrier and miniature dachshund. As with the other editions, all 18 breeds are unlockable as owners progress.

Created exclusively for Nintendo DS, Nintendogs instantly became the hottest video game product on the market when it was released in Australia.

Nintendogs Best Friends Version Nintendo DS bundlle is available now for a suggested retail price of $A199.95, and is classified G by the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

Independent Game Critics Name Wii Best of Show for E3 2006.

The Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2006 has awarded Nintendo its highest honor. Nintendo's upcoming Wii™ console won the Best of Show award, as well as the best hardware award. Nintendo's Wii Sports title won the best sports category, Excite Truck™ for Wii won as the best racing game and The Legend of Zelda™: Phantom Hourglass for Nintendo DS won as the best hand-held game of last month's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

"It's extremely gratifying to hear independent confirmation that our approach resonates so dramatically with the people who know video games best," said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "These multiple awards demonstrate which company has momentum and which products will be in the highest demand this holiday season.

Nintendo won five Game Critics Awards, more than any other publisher or hardware manufacturer. The Game Critics Awards are issued annually by an independent group of journalists from 37 leading North American media outlets that cover the video game industry in newspapers, in magazines, online and on television.

The Game Critics Awards add to the long list of accolades Nintendo received after E3 from the video game media. A sampling is below:

IGN.comBest Platform Game: Super Mario™ Galaxy
Best Puzzle Game: Mario vs. Donkey Kong™ 2: March of the Minis
Most Innovative Design: Wii Remote
Best Hardware/Peripheral: Wii Remote
Best Hand-Held Game - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


Best Hardware: Wii
Best Platform Game: Super Mario Galaxy
Best Puzzle/Rhythm Game: WarioWare™: Smooth Moves

The GameTap broadband entertainment network:
Best Adventure Game: The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess
Best Platform Game: Super Mario Galaxy
Best Sports Game: Wii Sports
Best Portable: New Super Mario Bros.™
Best Surprise: Wii Remote
Best Announcement: Super Smash Bros.™ Brawl

Game Trailers
Most Innovative: WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Best Action/Adventure Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Best Sports Game: Wii Sports

Advanced Media Network:
Gadget of Show: Wii Remote
Most Innovative: Super Mario Galaxy
Booth of Show: Nintendo booth
Best Trailer: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Best Surprise: Snake from Konami's Metal Gear Solid series in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Best Adventure Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Best Platform Game: Super Mario Galaxy


lighter - brighter - slimmer

Melbourne, Australia June 1st 2006 - Nintendo Australia is pleased to announce the new member of the Nintendo DS™ range, the upgraded Nintendo DS™ Lite is available now for SRP AU$199.95.

Nintendo DS Lite, available in Polar White, features brighter screens, is approximately two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS and about 20 percent lighter. It also features a larger stylus and repositioned button layout, all the while maintaining all of the original Nintendo DS features, as well as screen size.

"We love the Nintendo DS and the new experiences it has brought to gaming," says Rose Lappin, Director of Sales and Marketing. "the super stylish Nintendo DS Lite adds a touch of class to the unit and the brighter screen is remarkably vibrant. Expect some fantastic software products in the coming months to take advantage of this."

In Australia, Nintendo DS continues to sell through at a higher rate than all other handheld systems, and remains the best selling handheld console, since its release just over a year ago.

The Nintendo DS Lite has experienced phenomenal success in Japan. Since its launch earlier this year, Nintendo have struggled to keep up with incredibly high consumer demand.

With a series of exciting and innovative software releases, Nintendo Australia aims to continue this trend:

- The highly anticipated Metroid™ Prime Hunters is available now. Blast your way through six ferocious bounty hunters in adventure mode, take on up to four friends wirelessly or battle online using Nintendo™ Wi-Fi Connection.

- Twenty years after Nintendo's biggest franchise was born, the Mario Bros.™ return in a dazzling, all-new platformer sure to set players' fingers twitching. New SUPER MARIO BROS.™ arrives June 8th.
Dr Kawashima's Brain Training™: How Old Is Your Brain™, releasing June 15th, is designed to keep people's minds active with fun mental workouts that incorporate the user-friendly voice-command and touch-screen capabilities of Nintendo DS. Brain Training also includes more than 100 sudoku puzzles.

E3 2006
Melbourne, Australia May 10th 2006 - Nintendo Australia is pleased to announce our E3 2006 news page is now available for access.
Check it out for all of the latest news and information on new games that have been announced for Wii and the Nintendo DS.

Make sure to keep checking the site as it will be updated daily with new screenshots, videos and more news direct from Los Angeles.

Below are some screen shots of the Press Conference that Nintendo held the day before the E3 show room was opened.
Shigeru Miyamoto conducts a musical theme from Zelda for the audience.
Shigeru Miyamoto & Reggie Fils-Aime.
Satoru Iwata explains some of the new features for Wii.
Satoru Iwata & Shigeru Miyamoto enjoy a game of Tennis on the new title "Wii Sports".

As in "we."
While the code-name "Revolution" expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer.

Wii will break down that wall that separates video game players from everybody else.
Wii will put people more in touch with their games - and each other. But you're probably asking: What does the name mean?

Wii sounds like "we," which emphasizes this console is for everyone.

Wii can easily be remembered by people around the world, no matter what language they speak. No confusion. No need to abbreviate. Just Wii.

Wii has a distinctive "ii" spelling that symbolizes both the unique controllers and the image of people gathering to play.
And Wii, as a name and a console, brings something revolutionary to the world of video games that sets it apart from the crowd.

So that's Wii. But now Nintendo needs you.
Because, it's really not about you or me.
It's about Wii.

And together, Wii will change everything.

Melbourne, Australia, June 27th 2005 - Nintendo Australia now has Player's Guides available for Star Fox: Assault, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Each Player's Guide sells for AU$29.95. There is no postage and handling charge for deliveries in Australia.
These can be purchased by calling Nintendo Australia on 03 9730 9822 (9am-5pm eastern standard time, Monday-Friday).

For access to the latest official information, newsletters, competitions and special offers, be sure to register on the Members Club, in the Connect section. Be first with the latest news, direct from Nintendo Australia.