Conyers' Report Newly Updated: "Constitution in Crisis"


The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War, and Illegal Domestic Surveillance

The following are Adobe pdf links to the Final Investigative Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. (This Report is over 350 pages.)

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Table of Contents



I. The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution and Coverups in the Iraq War

II. Unlawful Domestic Surveillance and the Decline of Civil Liberties Under the Administration of George W. Bush



Recommendations and Conclusion


Legal Standards and Authorities

Major Reports


Next Steps

1. Ask the media to cover this report.

2. Ask your Congress Member to sponsor H. Res. 635 to start an investigation.

3. Buy this report as a book. Pre-order, and ask your friends to do so, and get it on the best-seller lists. Buy it here.


It is warming my soul to see that finally there is courage in DC to take on the Cabal. I do not find fault with the fear that demos and right thinking folks had of speaking out especially after 911, (we got a chance to see what they can do after all). I was afraid to speak my mind too, but now with so many of us are declaring the parts of the "House of Wishful Thinking" to be a fraud that they'd have to send 60% of the USA population to Guantanamo to go after us (safety in numbers- ah democracy sweet democracy).

I am well aware that there are folks who wish to remain in the Fairy-tale World" and that they will fight hard to keep their denial alive. We will have to love them out of denial one person and one point at a time. The good news is that as the force of "The Many" with the plurality of "Reality Points" will act as check points leading all our citizens from the "Fantasy World" back to the world of "The Sane".

GWB is not as smart as Richard Nixon so it will take longer for the "Real" facts pointing at him to sink into his understanding and for him to capitulate. His world view sees him as king and top dog and bully, but even he will recognize finally that all swaggering will not cover his naked body from the many cross-hairs aimed at him. Take hope the Bully is really a Coward at heart and the Righteous are the inheritors of Peace.

<b>Democrats - the chance to put it all right</b>

Who remembers Hyde (the hypocrite) going on about "the rule of law"?
Clinton with a huge surplus at the end of his presidency, where is it now? He got impeached for something that Bush has proved was so ridiculous it was laughable. Well the rest of the world was laughing! 8)
Bush & his puppet masters have/are:

  • Stolen the Presidency in the first place with the help of his republican allies on the Supreme Court.
  • Helped his rich cronies (father included) by:
    • Getting rid of the death estate tax.
    • Allowing the destruction of the environment.
    • Given them the prime contracts (worth billions) to "rebuild" Iraq.
    • Increased decfence spending to 40+%, who owns the Military/Industrial complex?
  • Attempting to destroy the constitution.
  • Condoning "nazi" style domestic spying & harrassment.
  • Condoning torture as a form of interrogation. YEP the US Military is now no different to the Gestapo/SS, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Chinese gov (Tianamen Square) etc etc etc.......
  • Lied to the american public. (about serious stuff)
  • Blocked any meaningful investigation into 9/11. Forget conspiricies, there are too many unanswered questions.
  • etc etc etc etc etc etc

If the dems had any brains they would go full steam on a "fix democracy" so no more nuts (bush & cronies) can do the same again.
But then again, from a non-us perspective is there really that much difference between them?
If Bush stays in control the US will invade Iran within the next two years. Pretext, same as Iraq, whatever the GOP can dream up. AND after that the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is not afraid to stand up to the Bush regime. I am so proud of him, and say thankyou to this fine gentleman, and true American. Bush and his adminstration's dream for a democracy in Iraq, is a joke. This administration is slowly taking our Democratic rights away from us one by one. Thankyou again for "Constitution In Crisis."

RICO Title 18

Government IS NOT a cover for racketeering activity:
any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical
any act which is indictable under any of the following provisions of title 18, United States Code: Section 201 (relating to bribery),
RICO Act??? Why are we allowing a government branch to opperate outside these rules.??

Impeachment and/or jail

The obvious war crimes and war profiteering should have been dealt with a long time ago. I just couldn't understand why the American people were letting OUR country be brought down like this!

Impeachment and/or jail

I agree. I just cannot fathom why Clinton was impeached for just having an affair while Bush has committed worse crimes against humanity.


We have to get the DEMOCRATS in CHARGE in NOVEMBER so that this WICKED, EVIL BUSH ADMINISTRATION will be brought to JUSTICE! VOTE DEMOCRAT IN NOVEMBER!!!!!! Also we have to get the "TWO-FACED" Democrats OUT of office in NOVEMBER!!!!!

TWO-FACED Democrats

Keep in mind that the Two-Faced Democrats includes most of the Democrats in Congress. The Democrats could have pre-empted the Iraq was quite obvious to commoners like me what Bush, PNAC, etc. were up to before Iraq was attacked. Hence, Congress was well aware about what was going on.

Justin Bronk
Golden, CO

America is now a Fascist State

The media is (90%) controlled by just 5 companies who are very close to the Bush Administration...

This will not get the light of day from MSM...

lol...Ridiculous nonsense

Yes, of course anyone who doesn't agree with wild conspiracy theories is "close" to the Bush administration. Nice ad hoc rescue.

Making Our Own Mass Media

Well, if those 5 companies won't tell it like it is, then WE have to be the mass media and get the message out, however we can. For some time, I wrote an abridged articles of impeachment on dollar bills and indirectly inspired several others to do the same. Money circulates among all social and economic classes and so it doesn't just reach the choir. This was just my way of expressing dissent. What about flyers, songs, skywriting, whatever? If enough people try and make this stuff public in a spectrum of different forms, then we will become the mass media.

The media is (90%) controlled by just 5 companies

Comcast Cable has removed both C-Span 2 (Senate) and C-Span 3 from their basic cable unless you PAY extra to receive it. They use the FCC as their excuse. So, who says they don’t listen to the public. They must have heard us say “thank god for C-Span”.
So much for “public service”! Fascism anyone?

Internet Revolution

The biggest and best advertising is the world is word of mouth. Gather your friends, family and neightbours and neightbourhood and get the world out there. Next is the internet. Email everyone you know and more and ask them to eamil everyone they know and more.
Bloggers unite. There are detailed name lists of who these people are who contol the press, go to the grassroots level. Do not give up hope, the will of the people must prevail.
In the name of peace and justice.

Getting the word out

FYI: I sent the following e-mail to the news departments at CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS, as well as to my local newspaper.



The war between Israel and Lebanon will still be there Thursday and Friday. Take a day to cover this IMPORTANT report. (Oh, and by the way, has any American died in Afghanistan or Iraq recently? Forget the ratings and the administration's diversionary tactics--Americans need to know this information BEFORE THE ELECTIONS!)

Conyers' Report Newly Updated: "Constitution in Crisis"
Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2006-08-01 20:30. Evidence
The Constitution in Crisis; The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution, and Coverups in the Iraq War, and Illegal Domestic Surveillance

The following are Adobe pdf links to the Final Investigative Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. (This Report is over 350 pages.)


Today Amy Goodman mentioned it on Democracy Now!


The dateline shows that this article was added August 1. I haven't seen or heard any reference to this in the press. Has there been any kind of press conference? Contact made with the media?

Where is culpability for events of 9/11

Why does the report avoid the lead-up to the events of 9/11. They had pre-event warnings from numerous sources. Why did they let it happen? Why did they resist forming the 9/11 commission? Why did they refuse to testify under oath and only in each others company? What are they attempting to hide? Why was absolutely no-one punished, fired, or court marshalled for this enormous breach of security? There are millions of that are calling for new investigation because we believe the Bush / Cheny administration had indirect if not direct fore knowledge and let it happend to fit their long term agenda of securing oil in both Afganistan and Iraq.

I don't think you're nuts.

You bring up valid points, though obviously some don't want to listen. I think what needs to be done is for someone to look at who had the most to gain by attacking us on 9-11. It wasn't the Taliban, they knew if they wanted to stay in power they better not hit us directly. It was more likely secret agents of Israel, the Mossad, who wanted a war against Islam started so the United States would help eliminate their most dangerous enemy. There's also a chance it was allowed to happen because the people behind the Project for a New American Century had seized control in the 2000 elections and wanted to get their Plan started. They needed their Pearl Harbor and got it, due to neglect and a stand-down order from the top.


You are "Nuts".

Day of reckoning is coming

This report is invaluable, and will make the case against these crooks much smoother when the day of reckoning arrives.

Make no mistake in thinking BushCo will get off for their crimes. It may not be as soon as we'd like - it may even take years to happen. But happen it will because the American people won't stand to see them get away with this once the majority realize how their country and respect was stolen right under their noses. Many conservative Republicans are trying to distance themselves from these rogues. When the ship sinks, they don't want to go down with it, or even be associated with the disaster created from the neocons' greed.

Folks like Richie "Right Wing Kook" Rich will soon discover that:

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” – Dwight Eisenhower, 34th US president

This is not about who wins; it's about what is humane and right.

The Republicans Are Not Worried About Impeachment

With the Republicans controlling all three brances of government, the mainstream media, in bed with the large conglomerates, the Christian Right, and roughly 50% of the American people still believing they walk on water....the are not worried about impeachment. They will put their spin meisters on it and say it is just politics as usual or Democrat propaganda. But all we can do is try to impeach the felons and try them for their illegalities, war crimes, and sordid corruption. Then hope for a miralce. Thanks for those that are standing up and doing something in face of tyrannious odds.

Robert Knowles
Lebanon 37087

war crimes & crimes against humanity

I say:
W, Cheney, Rove, Card, Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Hughes, Pearl, Libby, and the others between the columns of the Lincoln Memorial. Let the rest of the world know that we will not stand for this again! Oh, and you can add Lieberman to that list.

The Republicans just might

The Republicans just might be worried about impeachment. They desperately want to maintain control of both houses of congress, because they can then control congress's agenda, and impeachment will never happen. But, if they lose control of congress in November, and the Democrats take control, then the impeachment process might begin. And if impeachment ultimately fails, at least the dirty deeds of Bush, Cheney, and all the others will be in the news, as bright as day.

Vacation reading?

Can't see Bush reading this 200 page compilation of his and Cheney's contriving, but the details and judicious quotations used throughout are going to be mandatory reading for many of us. The remainder of the report consists of the footnotes, the Downing Street Memo papers, complete with the original typographic errors that Mark Danner removed, plus some other appendix material. Rep Conyers readily acknowledges the "blogosphere," so take a bow, all you who helped the committee gather infomation and material for the report.

No Pictures

Of course Bush won't be reading this, it has no pictures!

We Ex-Pats and "foreigners" who are often barred from even accessing sites like this really do appreciate Conyers and the rest for fighting the good fight.

Over here in AussieLand we are in our own battle with the lap dog and his kennel as they drag us further and further into the pit with the USA. You know the one, where the rest of the world throws rotten tomatoes and worse as we duck and weave and plead how we just want to make everyone as "free" as we are. Free. Yup, thanks to our word for word "anti-terrorist" laws we are "free" to watch Lil Johnny Lap Dog do as his lord and masters in Washington tell him to do and to hell with the people they were elected to serve.

And for master Rich above: Mate, only something like 17% of the people of the rest of the world even sorta like you folks any more. Is this really the way you want the world to view America? Most don't even want your tourist dollars any more. Those of us out here in the "real world" deal with the fall out all the time as we hear "bloody yanks" and other even less flattering terms (seppo or tank, as in septic tank) thrown at us. Yup, makes one "right bloody proud" of our accents. NOT!!!

The Flea
USA Citizen by Birth
Australian by Choice

Gooday mate.

Stay there.

Staggering report

Rep Conyers and his staff have assembled a staggering report. This 26-page "distillation of the findings in my Report" contains 14 pages that identify Administration law-breaking and misconduct, followed by 12 pages of source notes. The full report of 370 pages will be stunning. Conyers is eloquent: "The unfortunate reality is we are a long way from being out of the constutional woods under the dangerous combination of an imperial Bush presidency and a compliant GPO Congress."

How sick that we watch the behavior of the president

So happy, so not understanding the loss of life. BUSH IS REMOVED FROM THE DEATH OF WAR!

Bohemian Grove

A number of websites are dedicated to Bohemian. Each website tells an amazing and chilling story about our leaders. Definitely worth checking out. The dark forces have taken over and we have let them. It is urgent that people bring the light back into the world. It is not too late to change the course of events. Burn a white candle every night and make it your intention of Peace. Imagine Light shinning over the white house, white light over Israel and white Light over Lebanon Palestine, Afghanistan and or course not forgetting Iraq where the american soldiers are asked to kill every boy under the age of 21. The killing and raping woman and children. Bring the light into our heart and pray for peace and take action against the cruel and inhumane leaders of the USA. Only the sword of light and truth can conqueor this evil. Good and decent people must unite together and demand that justice take place.
Quickly find your heart and soul and stand for truth and light.
If people bring back the light miracles will happen. Act now, do not hesitate.
May The Force Be With You

Bohemian Grove

I am so glad to see that there are others out there that are concerned and willing to share information. Thank you. A great site is by Alex Jones. Also, Steven Jones, a professor at BYU, this tape will knock your socks off!
Enjoy. I have many sites that would interest the general public. May The Force Be With You TOO!

Conyers' Constitution in Crisis

I firmly believe that bush does understand the loss of life. He is not removed from the deaths of war. He and his corrupt administration planned everything that has happened long before he was selected president. We just fit into his scheme of things by believing his lies, perpetuating issues such as abortion, gays, false terrorism, shiavo, swift boats, Code red, Code orange and on and on. No issues of importance such as the needs of our country, the deficit that was created by the republican corruptness, the environment, Global Warming, jobs and the giving away of American resources to corporations and the super rich. Katrina is a good example of how he ignores the needs of this country except when an election is near. I have always felt that this administration planned 9ll or let it happen to raise bush's ratings. This is critical in the course of an inpeachment investigation. This MUST be thoroughly looked into by those who can be trusted to find the truth. He MUST be stopped now. Syria and Iran will be next. I don't blame them for trying to protect themselves. After all the saber rattling bush does I don't blame them. They don't want to be another Lebanon or Iraq. Where and when will it stop? Innocent people mean nothing to the butchers in Washington now. Our sons and daughters mean nothing to them either. If they can get other countries to help them do their dirty work they will. Neither do they believe in the Constitution, the rule of Law, or the American people. The present administration are the EVIL DOERS and the AXIS OF EVIL. As long as bush is "THE DECIDER", this country will continue to be at the head of all that is trouble.

The Moral President

Bush in a recent speech had the audacity to say that every life has a purpose. He was refering to the embryonic stem=cell bill that he vetoed. He made this speech with parents that conceived after using the Vitro Method of Fertilization. It was real nice to see all the parents holding their babies,proclaiming this is life and it must be protected. But what this so-called moral man didn't say is what happens,to the stem-cell that are not used. He didn't tell anyone that in all likelyhood they were headed for a Hazardous Waste Basket,and would be discarded. But we should all be used to this mans blindness and rhetoric. Here we have a man,who says that evgery life has a purpose. But he entered us into a war that can never be won,and has stripped America of its vital resource,our American youth. He sees no problem with putting our brave men and women into sa situation that is totally hopeless,and with no way out. If you go down and see the aftermath of Katrina,that is almost one year ago,you would think that it happened yesterday. The cities of Biloxie,GulfPort, Bay St. Louis, it just devasting,and this man calls for a quailty of life. The only people dancing in the streets are his hand picked companies of Halliburton,and Chevron,who are and have continued to bilk the American tax-payer billions of and billions of dollars. The moral president,you have got to be kidding,impeachment proceedings cannot start fast enough,if for only enlighting people who still stand behind this sham. The world according to Bush and Cheney,the new world order is coming into being and fast

Conyers Constitution in Crisis

This is sickening to read. How can some American people hate this president so much. I feel sure he wishes he had not had to send troops there, more than 2,500 times he wishes that. No president be he one side of the isle or the other would ignor the needs as the writer suggested in the case of Katrina. The blame there lies with the people of New Orleans for living in that bowl that was bound to fill with water at some point. Those people have to take the majority of the r esponsibility for their protection from natural disasters. We feel for them but when you chose to live below sea level and the sea is just a few miles away , well, that's your problem. The government, state or national should help and does help, but not be held fully responsible. Clinton got away with far more moral degredations than Bush.

Dub Joiner
Ellijay Georgia


I am glad to know that you are at least taking the time to read other peoples opinions on the subject of the Bush administration and the anticipated articles of impeachment. Many people absolutely refuse to listen to or read anything that doesn't conform to their own personal viewpoint.
However, an ever increasing percentage of US citizens are finally beginning to take wake up and take a closer look at what this administration has done over the past several years, and they are finding out that there is definitely an element of truth in the criticisms made against the Bush administration. And as more information becomes known, more people will begin to realize just how misguided they have been in believing the "spin" put out by Bush and his cohorts. Keep reading and listening to all opinions, not just the ones you agree with, and you may come to realize that there have indeed been impeachable offenses committed by the president and vice-president, and may well be criminal charges against many of his complicit supporters. As for your comment about Bill Clinton, he may have lied, but no one died as a result of his actions. Bush is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people as the result of the decision he made to go to war. We live in a supposedly democratic country, and if people don't speak out against this military/industrial administration, the war we are in now could become the war to end all wars.
Try to keep an open mind, and hope that saner minds prevail before someone decides to go nuclear!

"Constitution in Crisis"

The Impeachment of Bush will not come soon enough nor will it be adequate to prevent more terrorist attacks. Two simple things are apparent to me: one is that too many people do not realize how evil the bushwhacker and his crew can be and will be again, the second thing is that I'm certain that the evil in Washington will create another disaster that will make the 9/11 tragedy a minor inconvenience in comparison and just so that they, GW Bushwhacker, Dick Shotgun Cheney and the MORONS in Washington supporting them can retain power by declaring a National Emergency. Think about it, but not too long. They are getting restless while their popularity plummets. Popularity and power are proportional.

Bush is removed from the death of war

Wayne Madsen Report has a post today that reports that Barbara Bush did not even go to her own mother's funeral. Neither did she or George H.W. Bush have a funeral for their little girl. When she died, they donated her organs to the hospital and went to play golf. George H.W. Bush's mother had a little funeral for the girl, but they didn't attend.


There's nothing normal about a couple who watch their child die and then head out to the links for a day of enjoyment. I know, I watched my parents deal with the death of two babies who never reached their second birthdays - it nearly destroyed them - my father became a different person and never really enjoyed a minute of his life over his remaining 40 + years (RIP).

No matter what we think, all people are not the same - some people can kill with no remorse - some people are born without conscience or a soul.
I know it is too horrible to contemplate let alone believe, but that doesn't make it untrue.
I would urge everyone to read "The Sociopath Next Door"
One in twenty-five people around you have absolutley no conscience. This means that they also have no compunctions about doing anything to achieve their goals. They will use you, they would destroy you, and have you blaming yourself. Also these people know they are different and are masters at manipulation and covering up so they aren't discovered.
They cling to things like "faith" and "patriotism" to avoid detection.

I believe we have a Pathocracy running this country, not a theocracy and certainly not a democracy or democratic republic.

Wake up America, before it's too late.

Conyers and his staff are to be commended for their abilities

How do I admire thee, let me count the ways: Focus, stamina, determination, purpose, grace, wisdom, knowledge, truthseeking, articulate, moral, public service, and about a million other praiseworthy kudos describe Congressman Conyers and his team.
They are simply AMAZING!


Let's see...

How far they actually get? I can't wait until the "PNAC's" lawyers get their hands on this and no doubt shred it one "fact" at a time. I got as far as the report referencing to the DSM's a unrebutted evidence and it lost me. Any report that reports that the DSM's are unrebutted evidence, is already junk to anyone that wants the truth. I love how these DSM's which are: a typed copy of a destroyed photocopy can be even presented as evidence. It would be like the police bringing in a picture of a gun and saying that the picture shot the victim...It is laughable. It needs not be rebutted based on pure logic and lack of credibility.

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

P.S. I will probably read the rest of it when I am restless and need something to bore me to sleep. ;)

Let's see

Have you ever heard of proof reading or spell check? It is people like you who I am most concerned about, i.e., ranters and ravers who really don't know much about that of which they speak!
Happy reading!

To thre Right Wing Kook.

You can read ??? Amazing !! That is enough to shock anyone . Even a Republican like yourself. You are a real dumb A--> Do you REALLY have enough sense to be bored???

Unshreddable Facts

Fact: Bush had a written plan to attack Iraq BEFORE 9/11.
Fact: Despite Bush's efforts to prevent investigation into the
events leading up to and including 9/11 it is obvious to
the majority of citizens of the U.S. as well as around the
world that the Trade Center buildings were brought down by
explosives -- demolition -- facts will be exposed that will
expose Bush's reason for blocking any investigation into the
death and destruction wrought on 9/11: Bush did it. If Bush
had nothing to hide why expend that much energy to prevent an
honest investigation? For what possible reason would he have
hidden information pertaining to an investigation unless he
has something to hide? What could he possibly have to hide--
except his own involvement?
Fact: Bush has done everything possible to eliminate civil rights
of American citizens. Why? His agenda includes control over
the entire world -- like all control freak madmen that came
before him, such as Adolf Hitler -- whom Prescott Bush, his
grandfather, not only supported politically, but financially
as well -- Little King George wants to rule the world and do
so without a brain.
Fact: Bush has violated several laws and committed treason as well
as domestic and international war crimes; and he is guilty
of treason against the United States of America--all of which
he should be indicted, arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to
a maximum term in prison.
Fact: There is a mountain of evidence establishing Bush's guilt as
well as the private agenda he has served from day one that a
lawyer or a team of lawyers cannot "shred" because the facts
cannot be shredded nor can the evidence supporting them.

Fact: Right wing kooks like you are a detriment to this country and
you are going down with your so called leader. Bye-bye!

Unshreddable Facts

Thank you for having the courage to speak out loud and clear, using facts to back up what you say. You are one of very few who have come out and used the word 'treason'. I have stated this often, and it seems clear to me. Bush has committed many acts of treason. He is truely Public Enemy Number 1.


Poetic justice requires that dubya pay for his treason by being the last human executed in the state of Texas.

forceps to pull Richies head out of his alimentary canal

c'mon Rich, you can't be such a fucking moron on your own without having Limbaugh's private part up your kazoo, huh?

What planet are you on Rich?

Please send us a post card. The scenery must be amazing to the point that it makes you hallucinate, and ignore facts that are inconvenient to your sophomoric arguments.

Tony Blair long ago verified the legitimacy of the Downing Street Memos, and not a single person who was at the meetings where they were written has come forward to dispute their contents.

Corrupt Bushies have no choice but to completely dismiss them, because they quite literally prove the intel was cooked to fit the long-sought Bush goal of hijacking Iraq.

Wake up, man.

Demand accountability.


I have learned to dismiss MY concern for those that see life from the land OF DENIAL.

When people like Richy Rich comment on what is going on, remember, they are commenting from their perspective in a world OF DENIAL. A world not rooted in reality. Therefore their commentary is naturally going to be skewed toward one of even more DENIAL, not one where, through closer examination, they find the details that add up to an over all picture of truth. Their truth, based IN DENIAL, will always see reality as a DENIAL OF the truth rooted in reality.

At one time in life it was called, "Seeing the world through ROSE COLORED glasses." Now-a days, those ROSE COLORED glasses help paint their world with a tint of Republican RED.

glad you can'tt sleep at night

Ask your self why you can not sleep at night?

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

Crazy jerks like you are not what this world needs when millions are being killed by the axes's of evil USA, UK and the Hebs. Why don't you kill yourself so that there will be one less madman in the world.

spelling complaints are stupid...

I cVan't spell either BUT thanks to the army drafting me and sending me to Korea I was trained to shoot streight...
any way none of this stuff matters any more since israelis AIPAC spys controll our government,media and the American people...
I do agree Richie, the UK US and israel are now the axcess of eivil thank to israel and thw world wide jewish congress.
But the world will wake up sooner or later and the crap will be flushed down the drain.