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Who we are

Anne & Roland Böhringer

          ... different to each other, but with several things in common - an open and alert interest in life, a love of the truth and things that make sense, a search for meaning beyond our personal perceptions, as well as believing that there is a meaning to life and being willing to devote our energies to it. Here are some of the faces that you might meet at one of our events.

        Claudia Schubert

        Frank Goemans

        Katrin Waldraff

The Template Network

          ... In the Template Network the focus is on processes and activities that support personal development and growth.

          ... We are working with new approaches, ways and means, which move us because of their depth, intelligence and presence. One of the frameworks we work with is of 21 stations of development in human consciousness. These stations are of an integrative nature and support each other like a good working team.

          ... The Template philosophy, by its nature, is open for new perception and is thus future-minded. It stimulates the discovery of what the human can be today and in the future. You can read more about this in the TOPAZ Magazine.

          ... The German Template Network has arisen since 1996 as a furtherance of the Emin-Philosophy. It is a network of like-minded groups and initiatives.

        Julian Dickreiter

        Bettina Raasch