Linux Australia Awards

Below are a series of awards Linux Australia has for outstanding individuals in the Australian FLOSS community.

The "Rusty Wrench" Award

The Rusty Wrench Award is an award started by Jeff Waugh to recognise outstanding service to the community. It was named after Rusty Russell, one of Australias most prominent contributors and community members who started (before it was called :) and has been a source of inspiration and amusement for a number of years. The award is presented to a person of the previous awardees choice, in liason with the Linux Australia committee. Find below the years winners of the Rusty Wrench Award:

The LA People's Choice Community Member of the Year

This award is for the LA community member of the year and nominations come from the LA community, and the decision is made by a panel of LA members. The award recognises and awards people who have contributed positively to the Linux community in the preceeding year. Find the awards winners now: