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WAGGGS World Conference 2005

CGI was was represented at World Conference 2005 by Mairead Quinn and Maria Carrol. During the conference they gave us a daily update...

24th June 2005

The final day of the conference – can you believe it. What a five days it has been. We have met people from all corners of the world – from Canada to Australia, from Iceland to South Africa – and every where in between. Over five hundred people have attended this conference, and the one thing we all have in common is our Guiding Spirit.

The day started with voting on the constitutional amendments and the proposals we had heard about previously. This took up most of the morning.

Now came the bid to host the 2008 World Conference. The bids were from Finland and South Africa. For those of you who remember Camp Taurus – we no longer believe a word about the rain and the mud – the pictures they showed while promoting the bid showed nothing but bright sunshine. Imagine yourself present when they are selecting the country to host the World Cup and you might have some idea of the excitement in the room. Some of you may even remember when Ireland made their successful bid in 1996. South Africa were the winners, and we can’t begin to describe how delighted their delegation was to win.

And now for the most exciting news of the conference. The chairman of the World Board was announced as Elspeth Henderson from Ireland. Elspeth has been a member of the Irish Girl Guides since childhood. This was a very proud moment for the Irish Delegation. Elspeth brings with her a wealth of Guiding experience and we know she will work hard towards making the WAGGGS vision a reality. We’re sure that CGI will join with us in wishing Elspeth and her World Board the best of Irish luck during the next triennium.

23rd June 2005

Second last day of the conference and we're still alive - not even sunburnt - though it's hard to get sunburn in the conference hall.

This morning opened with a presentation and discussion on the challenges facing WAGGGS in trying to create a safer world for those who are usually excluded from society. These are not all minorities – young people, women and the elderly can be socially excluded in many societies. We must remind ourselves that young people have an important role to play in leadership at all levels in our organisations - 'The problem with adults is that they can be contaminated by experience' Next came the presentation of the Olave Awards.There were entries from the following countries - Kenya, Egypt, Tchad, Guatamala, Kuwait, Switzerland, Brazil, Mauritius, UK and Thailand. This award is presented to member organisations who have completed projects that have made an outstanding impact on their community. If you would like to know more about the award, check out

The presitgious WAGGGS Bronze Medal was then presented to Doris Reame, USA and Mona Torbet, Lebanon. Congratulations all round for their outstanding contribution to Guiding.

We were reminded that WAGGGS centenary is fast approaching - exciting times ahead.

After lunch it was the time we were all waiting for - choosing six new members for the World Board. Following the exciting electronic voting and nailbiting anticipation, the following were elected for a six year term:
Margaret Trelaor - Canada
Linden Edgell - Australia
Rahana Banoo - Bangladesh
Della Salway - UK
Lucia Pineiro Gastaneta - Peru
Liesbeth Lijnzaad - Netherlands
Congratulations to all
We ended the evening with a lovely meal at a traditional Jordanian restaurant, and also experience some lively entertainment.

Only one more working day to go - doesn't time fly?

Maria & Mairead

22nd June 2005

Already we're on the third day of the conference, and surviving on hardly any sleep. Things are getting very busy - this morning we listened to presentations on the proposed amendments to the WAGGGS constitution,together with the proposed motions by the different countries, and had the opportunity for questions and answers. We also had an overview of the review of the quota system, and this led to a lively debate.

One of the challanges facing us is a jigsaw quiz, part of which is completed each day. Believe it or not Ireland were the first correct entries to be received on the first day - can we keep this up?

At lunch today we thought we had come home to Enniscorthy and the strawberry fair - every dessert consisted of strawberries - and yes - we tried them all.

In the afternoon the delegations were divided into different groups - Chief Commissioners, International Commissioners and interest groups. Many interesting ideas were discussed and shared to be brought home to our own organisations.

Following this we had a mad dash to get ready for our International Evening and World Market. And our new costumes looked beautiful and commented on by all. Many people asked if this was our new uniform! The market went very well and thanks has to be given to all of you that contributed the items we had for sale. Little parts of Ireland are now making their way to all parts of the world.

Heading off to bed at last - voting on canditates for the World Board tomorrow morning

Mairead & Maria

21st June 2005

Day 2 of the conference opened in breakout groups where we all took part in lovely morning reflections. We worked in these smaller groups on the following topics -

-succession planning
-strategic thinking
-creating value through research

After lunch we visited global cafes with information on various associations, planned activities and the world centres. We even met some old friends - Renata, Julie sends her regards - check your email.

We got the chance to get to know the World Board Nominees when they spoke to us of their aspirations for the next six years in WAGGGS. Voting will take place on Thursday - tune in on Friday for the results.

Our meetings ended with a gathering of each region.The European Region discussed:
-Europe Region Operational Plan 2005 - 2008 - looking forward, what is coming up
-Mainstreaming Gender - the launch of a support tool for associations
-Friends of the European Region WAGGGS - how could you be involved - see WAGGGS website
-Summer 2006 - where will you be - at Roverway 2006 or Eurolife

We then relaxed at a dinner and Jordanian entertainment - were you watching Jordanian TV because it was televised and we may be famous in Jordan.
That's all for now!


20th June 2005

Salam from Mairead and Maria at the world conference in Jordan.

Today the conference opened with a roll call of the member organisations and an explanation of proceedings. This was followed by the introduction of the nominees for election to the world board. We also heard from Lesley Bulman, chief executive of WAGGGS, and she spoke of the achievements of WAGGGS in the last trienium.

After lunch we were introduced to our key note speaker - Her Royal Highness, Princess Basma Bint Talal. She spoke of the importance of promoting adolescent health, and the need to acknowledge the role of young adolescent women within our own organisations and WAGGGGS. She emphasised how the period of adolescence is now lasting longer, and the importance of the correct environment to assist the transition from childhood to maturity. Young women are our future leaders and we must learn to listen to them. With 10 million girls and one voice how much we can achieve. Kirsty Gray, chairman of the world board, then launched the new look WAGGGS - girls worldwide say. Watch this space for link to new website,publications and website.

The evening finished with a wonderful, colourful opening ceremony in Sports City, in the company of King Abdullah and Princess Basma. Songs and dances were performed by members of the Jordanian Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.

Thats all for now - further updates during the week.

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