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June 28, 2006

The Rann Government’s effort to put more Police on the beat in South Australia has reached a new milestone, with SAPOL’s 4,000th officer graduating from the Fort Largs Academy this afternoon.


This means South Australia now has the largest Police force in the State’s history.


The 4,000th officer is among a group of 53 cadets graduating from the Academy today – taking the number of full-time equivalent uniformed officers in South Australia to 4,026.


Police Minister Paul Holloway says 4,000 officers on the beat is a great achievement.


South Australia continues to have the highest rate of sworn police officers per population of any Australian state,” says Mr Holloway.


“Since April 2002, we have seen 951 cadets graduate from the Academy, resulting in a net increase of 405 officers.”


“Official SAPOL statistics show that, as at April 2002, there were 3,701 police FTE officers, and after today’s graduation, there’ll be 4,026 police FTE officers. That’s a net increase of 325 FTE officers’ since the Rann Government was elected.”


“And our Police force will continue to grow, with 400 officers to be recruited during the next four years.”


Mr Holloway said keeping the community safe is one of the Government’s highest priorities.


“Statistics show that there’s a clear link between the growing number of Police officers and the shrinking crime rate, with the Rann Government’s investment in extra Police coinciding with crime falling by 13% over the past two financial years,” says the Minister.


“In 2000/01 there were a total of 209,061 offences against the person or property reported to police, while in 2004/05, there were 173,836 offences against the person or property reported.”


“Latest police statistics also show that police are uncovering more crime due to proactive policing. In the past twelve months, crime reported due to pro-active police activity increased by 6.8% - including increases in the detection of sell/trade drugs up 41.3%, firearm/weapon offences up 16.9%, and drink-driving offences up 10.8%.”


“The picture is clear – more police officers leads to fewer crimes.”

Today’s graduating class of 53 cadets includes 42 UK recruits, and 11 local recruits.

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