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Last cannibals
May 21, 2006
Reporter: Ben Fordham Producer: Stephen Rice
Last cannbibals
 Last cannbibals
chatWeb chat: Read our web chat with Paul Raffaele, author of "The Last Tribes on Earth", who travelled to West Papua to study the world's last cannibal tribe, on Sunday, May 21. Click here
This really is an adventure into the unknown. We're going back to the Stone Age, on the trail of a long lost tribe, the last of the cannibals. And the amazing thing is, this isn't ancient history.

The tribe really does exist and not all that far from where you're sitting now. But it'll take a major expedition to find them. They're called the Korowai. And they live just as they did 10,000 years ago, deep in the jungles of West Papua.

Our reporter Ben Fordham set out in search of the Korowai — these primitive warriors who've never seen a white man, still believe in witchcraft and still eat human flesh.

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