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Motivation: Daily Quotes
Toshihiko Seko
The marathon is my only girlfriend. I give her everything I have.
Robert de Castella
Running well is a matter of having the patience to persevere when you are tired and not expecting instant results. The only secret is that it is consistent, often monotonous, boring, hard work. And it's tiring.
Juma Ikangaa
I don't train to beat another runner. We are out there together, competing with the marathon, and I train to run the marathon as fast as I can.
Joan Benoit Samuelson
Every time I fail, I assume I will be a stronger person for it. I keep on running figuratively and literally, despite a limp that gets more noticeable with each passing season, because for me there has always been a place to go and a terrible urgency to get there.
Said Aouita
I do everything I can to win.
Arturo Barrios
I train for good luck.
Uta Pippig
I'm more relaxed for training...more mentally strong, so I can train much harder. I have the mentality that I can train like a man, and it helps me a lot. So we'll go for fast times and if it works, OK. If not, then we tried.
William Shakespeare
I see you like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start.
Murray Halberg
I had always imagined an Olympics champion was something more than a mere mortal; in fact, a god. Now I know he was just a human being.
Emil Zatopek
One day the factory sports coach, who was very strict, pointed at four boys, including me, and ordered us to run in a race. I protested that I was weak and not fit to run, but the coach sent me for a physical examination and the doctor said that I was perfectly well. So I had to run, and when I got started I felt I wanted to win. But I only came in second. That was the way it started.
Percy Cerutty
Great people and great athletes realize early in their lives their destiny, and accept it. Even if they do not consciously realize the how, the where, the what.
Priscilla Welch
If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.
Joan Benoit Samuelson
When I first started running, I was so embarrassed, I'd walk when cars passed me. I'd pretend I was looking at the flowers.
Jim Ryun
I ran to get a letter jacket, a girlfriend. I ran because I was cut from the basketball and baseball teams. I ran to be accepted, to be part of a group.
Grete Waitz
My parents had a certain idea of what they wanted their 'little girl' to be, and it did not include a budding track star.
Fermin Cacho
When I was small I was very naughty and my father chased me with his belt to give me a thrashing. Maybe that was how I got accustomed to running.
Anne Audain
I'd had operations on both feet at the age of 13 to correct some deformities and I'd been in plaster for six months, and when the plaster came off, I had to learn to walk and run properly. A year later I joined the running club, doing the sprints.
Ray Prefontaine
He was too small for football and he got tired of sitting on the bench all the time.
Clarence DeMar
It was back in 1901, at the age of 21, when I first became interested in distance running. While attending a smoker at the University of Vermont to pep up enthusiasm for a football game, one of the speakers, a Professor Stetson of the German Department, urged all us to try different sports we could be a champion at. At once I wondered what I could be tops at ... By a process of elimination, I went out for cross-country.
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