Hear the Clavioline
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Bode (6 octave) Clavioline

The internal components of the "Bode" clavioline were enhanced. An additional octave was added to allow the clavioline to go down one further full octave (by adding resistors). A volume knob was also added to the right side of the keyboard (by the tuning knob) and the tremelo knob's location was changed from the middle of the tubes (where originally placed by Selmer) and moved to the left side of the keyboard (by the tuning knob).

The octave slider can move three notches as opposed to the other models' where it only moves two notches.

This particular Bode model clavioline has a very high serial number, identifying it as a 60's model.

Harald Bode playing one of his inventions, the Bode Melochord.

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