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Main Ridge 3928

Post Contact History 

Main Ridge was originally named Main Creek. The name was changed as it conflicted with another town in Victoria with the same name. Orchards and saw mills were some of earliest industries in the area.  

Natural Features and Open Space

Main Ridge district occupies the western spine of Arthurs Seat and the southern hinterlands. Arthurs Seat is composed of granite rocks and forms part of the uplifted Mornington Block. Arthurs Seat granite was quarried, especially on the northern slopes, for some of the older buildings in Melbourne. Splitters Creek, Main Creek and Stony Creek are the major waterways in the area. A. R and F Ditterich Reserve provides open space and sporting facilities. There is also the Main Ridge Equestrian Grounds and the Main Ridge Flora Reserve, which provides pleasant walking trails. Much of Main Ridge is bound by Arthur's Seat State Park.  

Built Environment

Main Ridge is essentially an agricultural area and is home to many wineries, fruit orchards, nurseries, and berry and hobby farms.

Services and Facilities

There are numerous tourism opportunities including galleries and restaurants and tourist accommodation such as bed and breakfast residences, holiday ranches and motels. Council facilities include the tennis courts and bowling facilities, and the Main Ridge Hall.

Social and Demographic Information

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