Yeah baby yeah

I have to revise my submission for the She’s Such a Geek anthology…but it means they’re interested! I got the email this evening. So, back to the grindstone for the next week. I will need to focus my solipsism onto the page for now.

But I am finishing the best pen and ink drawing I’ve ever done, too. I’ll scan that in at some point…but in the meantime I guess I’ll toss a biscuit and share something old…the New Yorker didn’t go for it, so what do I have to lose?
This is for the geeks and science nerds. You can decide whether this is a kind or a hostile overture.

Occam's Razor

2 Responses to “Yeah baby yeah”

  1. anon Says:

    This made my day, thanks! :)

  2. Don Wood Files Says:

    That’s good! Was it published anywhere?

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