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By bringing together more than ninety of the most highly trafficked, regularly updated and politically focused liberal and progressive blogs, the Liberal Blog Advertising Network now makes it possible for advertisers to reach virtually the entire liberal and progressive political blogosphere at once. Simply put, no other advertising opportunity can offer an audience so dedicated to liberal and progressive causes. Advertise here, and reach the people who manufacture the liberal and progressive zeitgeist.

Combined, these blogs receive more than two million page views per day from highly informed, dedicated, and influential liberals and progressives. Over 80% of the audience of these blogs either donated to or volunteered for a campaign in 2004. With a median income of $80K, and a median age of 44, readers of these blogs are a very desirable target audience. Click-thru rates also tend to be twice the typical online average.

Chris Bowers of MyDD manages the network. You can email him at The list of criteria for entry into the network can be found by clicking this link.
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