Presbyterian Church Cemetery, SPRENT

A new church was built c.1888 on a knoll above Redbourne Store on the approach to the Sprent Township.

Cemetery Transcriptions - click on blue text to take you to photograph of headstones.

Bingham John (hb. of Mary Ann) 07/12/1918 85yrs
Bingham Mary Ann (wife of John) 27/08/1922 88yrs
Garland Kate (wife of John) 07/06/1912 47yrs
Cable/Gable Elsie W.    
Hays Henry A. 27/10/1916 2┬Żyrs
Lewis George 16/09/1909 73yrs *
Lewis Philomena 24/02/1893 56yrs **
McCulloch Elizabeth Jane 25/01/1913 72yrs ***
McCulloch Hugh 13/07/1917 79yrs
McLaren Duncan 12/04/1895 75yrs ****
McLaren Duncan (hb of A. McLaren) 13/02/1921 42yrs
McLaren Lorna (dau. of D & A. McLaren) 19/06/1923 9yrs
McLaren Pearl (dau. of D & A. McLaren) 23/01/1902 2yrs
McLaren Jennet (wife of Duncan snr.) 17/04/1895 76yrs
Robertson Elizabeth 25/09/1897 39yrs
Robertson Ella 26/09/1917 24yrs
Robertson Harry 6-10/4/1917 23yrs
Robertson Henry 31/10/1906 35yrs
Robertson Isabella 04/09/1914 85yrs
Robertson John 21/10/1884 2┬Żyrs
Robertson John 26/01/1912 81yrs
Robertson Leslie Ernest 25-28/4/1915 28yrs
Robertson Mary 17/09/1911 51yrs
Scarr Christopher - b.21/12/1816 1/04/1898 81yrs
Snare Mary (wife of Arthur) 18/10/1903 29yrs
Tripp Jannett (dau. of John Garland) 25/04/1922 28yrs

* A resident of the district for 52 years

** registered as 55 years old at death

*** daughter of Andrew Frederick & Louisa RISBY

**** died at his property "Sterling", Castra.

This cemetery contains at a number of un-marked graves & 6 graves without readable inscriptions on head stones.

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