Real GDP growth rate
Growth rate of GDP volume - percentage change on previous year
Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure of the results of economic activity. It is the value of all goods and services produced less the value of any goods or services used in producing them. The calculation of the annual growth rate of GDP volume allows comparisons of economic development both over time and between economies of different sizes, irrespective of changes in prices. Growth of GDP volume is calculated using data at previous year's prices.
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EU (25 countries) (f) 2.2 (f)
EU (15 countries) (f) 2.0 (f)
Euro area1. (f) 1.8 (f)
Euro area (12 countries) (f) 1.8 (f)
Czech Republic4.0-0.7- (f) 4.7 (f)
Denmark2. (f) 2.3 (f)
Germany1. (f) 1.0 (f)
Estonia4.411. (f) 7.9 (f)
Greece2. (f) 3.4 (f)
Spain2. (f) 2.8 (f)
France1. (f) 2.0 (f)
Ireland8.314.212.717.913.811.711. (f) 5.1 (f)
Italy0. (f) 1.2 (f)
Cyprus1. (f) 3.8 (f)
Latvia3. (f) 7.6 (f)
Lithuania4.77.07.3- (f) 6.2 (f)
Luxembourg1. (f) 4.5 (f)
Hungary1. (f) 4.2 (f)
Malta: (f) 1.9 (f)
Netherlands3. (f) 2.6 (f)
Austria2. (f) 2.2 (f)
Poland6. (f) 4.6 (f)
Portugal3. (f) 1.1 (f)
Slovenia3. (f) 4.1 (f)
Slovakia6. (f) 6.5 (f)
Finland3. (f) 2.9 (f)
Sweden1. (f) 3.0 (f)
United Kingdom2. (f) 2.8 (f)
Bulgaria-9.4- (f) 5.7 (f)
Croatia6.06.82.5- (f) 4.5 (f)
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of0. (f) 4.3 (f) 4.7 (f)
Romania:::- (f) 5.1 (f)
Turkey7.07.53.1-4.77.4- (f) 5.5 (f)
Iceland4. (f) 2.6 (f)
Norway5. (f) 2.0 (f)
Switzerland0. (f) 2.2 (f)
United States3. (f) 2.7 (f)
Japan2.61.4-1.8- (f) 2.4 (f)
(:) Not available
(f) Forecast

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Source: Eurostat