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Takes its name from the Hundred of Kilkerran which in turn was named after Governor Sir James Fergusson's family home in Scotland*.
*Governor Fergusson's Legacy. Page 5

The area was first settled by German settlers who had left their home land to avoid religious persecution. Brought out from Germany in 1838 they had first settled at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, then had spread out to the Barossa Valley. When this part of Yorke Peninsula was surveyed for settlement by farmers in the 1870's they came here to commence farming.

The German language is still spoken here in many of the homes; but this is not that they do not wish to assimilate with their English speaking neighbours, but that being essentially religious, they believe that the teachings of Martin Luther cannot be taught in any language but German*.
*Governor Fergusson's Legacy. Page 192

The existence of two Lutheran churches, St John's and St Paul's, in so small a community is of interest.

The German migrants belonged to three religious orders: the Moravian Brethren, the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and the Immanuel Synod*.
*Governor Fergusson's Legacy. Page 194

In 1878 the first two groups build the St John church which they both used in separate services. In 1882 people of the third order moved into the district and they too used St John's. It was also used as a school until a school was built*.
*Governor Fergusson's Legacy. Page 192

The Church of St Paul was erected and dedicated on 2nd March, 1902.

In November 1966, the various factions of the Lutheran church united to become the Lutheran church of Australia*.
*Governor Fergusson's Legacy. Page 194.

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