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Making History

We weren’t born yesterday. But almost.

Even in relative terms, EV1Servers is a newcomer to the dedicated hosting business, having only been in existence since January of 2000. At that time, EV1Servers was merely the brainchild of a couple of overachieving brothers who shamelessly disregarded their critics and plowed ahead with conviction.

Within 24 months, CEO Robert Marsh (aka our Head Surfer) and CFO Roy Marsh, along with CTO Randy Williams, spearheaded EV1Servers way out in front of an industry race crowded with established players.

Today, not even a decade later, EV1Servers is the world’s largest and America’s fastest growing dedicated hosting provider. We are home to over 30,000 servers, and have added low-cost domain registration and SSL certificates to our arsenal of affordable, top-notch services.

How do you explain such ridiculous success?

Simple. We cracked the market with benefits that recognize the value of our clients’ time and money.

Great prices.

We broke the price barrier, single-handedly creating the concept of $99 dedicated servers.

Instant service.

We made sure servers were ready for use before clients signed up so they could count on access the very second payment was received. Today, reboots and client service are almost as fast, too.

Rock-solid infrastructure.

We delivered technology, network operations and data centers second to none—at any price—with huge capabilities and the security of full redundancy. We still do.

Extreme customer control.

We put our clients in charge of their destiny, by offering remote access for everything from simple service upgrades to reboots and troubleshooting, any time of the day or night, at no extra charge. You should check out our Command Server Account Control Suite today.

There’s no stopping us now.

Our wheels are not only in motion, we’re burning up the road in a constant quest for new and exciting opportunities for our clients. And never fear: while EV1Servers remains true to our original price/value proposition, we’ll never skimp on technology, service or scruples or in the process.
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