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What I do, the aim of this website, and how we can all create better bread in Britain, written by Richard Whittington...gospacedots
Websites & classes, blogs and forums to polish your baking skills till they gleam and satisfy... gospace dots
Forum for bakers
Click here for the forum, where you can post messages, ask questions and share good baking tips....gospace dots
A new section on good books that spell out the recipes and methods needed to produce excellent bread....gospace dots
The best list
Bakeries, shops, cafe's and restaurants around the UK that show bread at its finest...go space dots

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Wood-fired ovens are the dream choice for many bakers, whether they bake commercially or at home. Jack Lang is a home baker hot for perfect bread in Cambridge, England... go space dots
Small artisan & craft bakeries around the country are on the lookout for new bakers. For jobs in baking, here is a list of new work available... gospace dots
Writing and methods
British Baker articles...gospace dots
Tools and Ingredients
Looking forequipment to make life easier, or searching for the right flour or even the best ale. As I find good things I'll write about them here. Just one at the moment, the Bay6Kitchen bread knife...go space dots

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Tony Dench holding one of his loaves Melbourne: Great baking from Australia

I've been trying to think "just why is the bread so good in Victoria?" and that epicentre of a good crust, Melbourne. When I grew up in the eastern suburbs in the 60s and 70s, bread was simply hot and white, and tasted like... to read the story, click here

baking in the morning, dinner in the evening the maize and wheat leaven bread at Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi took the old- fashioned approach to business - get together with a few work friends, fit the kitchen to produce the best possible food, making sure that the bread, cakes and food are as near as damn it perfect, and then do the rest... go

a sheet of olive topped focaccia wanted: slim, sexy Italian, will pay £££, enquire below

Has there been a bread that has so captured the public so much as the simple flat sheet of Focaccia Genovese. Easily made - either simply brushed with good olive oil, or studded with plump black olives... to read the story, click here

getting those holes a ciabatta cut in half, showing the holes inside

Stretch that dough, open the texture up, if we wanted smooth flat crumb, would we need you to make it by hand? High Street bakers must offer a markedly different crust and crumb texture to plant bread.... to read the story, click here

a baguette oh baguette, you are the frenchiest stick I know

Actually, I do rather miss those English french sticks, so much a part of my early memories of this land. Thick, dense, tough, chewy, and a bit leathery, filled with a slice of cheddar, raw white onion, hot-house tomato...go

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