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About Us

Meet Greg Johnson, founder of Standing Together.

Rev. Gregory Johnson began the work of Standing Together in March of 2001. After serving three pastorates in Utah since 1992, he felt an effort to unite the church around themes of service, prayer, and strategic evangelism was critical to the ministry challenges of the local church in Utah. Having served as a pastor in two key churches in the Ogden and Provo areas, as well as serving as a founding pastor in a church plant, Greg felt his gifts and passions could be used
better by coming alongside of other pastors and churches as a catalyst for unity and greater spiritual impact in Utah. As a former Mormon himself, Greg is passionate about building bridges of relationship and dialogue with the predominant religious culture found in Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or better known as the Mormon Church. Greg is a graduate of Denver Theological Seminary and is ordained through the Conservative Baptist Church. He is married to Jill and they have three children.

I would love to hear from you!

Standing Together Staff:

Erik McHenry (with wife deborah)
Ministry Associate

Erik came to Standing Together more than two years ago from Denver, Colorado. Erik was a student at Colorado Christian University where he studied communications. He was just recently married to Deborah, who he met while she was a student at Biola University in southern California. Both were introduced to Utah through missions trips from their schools, and now they are here for good. Unless, of course, God want's to do something different.

While in England recently, Greg quoted this short chorus. It was a chorus that God used in him to become a Christian. He thought he would share it with you.

"Who Killed Jesus? I Would Like To Know."

Who killed Jesus? I would like to know.
Who is guilty of a crime so low?
Why did He have to die? What is the reason why?
Who killed Jesus? I would like to know.

Was it Roman Soldiers, with their tools of war?
Pounding nails through hands that did no wrong.
Mocking and abusing, crowning Him with thorns,
All the evidence is very clear.

Was it Pontius Pilate, he was Governor,
Trying to decide the case that day?
Finding that the Savior had no fault His own,
Was he guilty when he turned away?

Was it Hebrew children, proud of who they were?
Shouting "Crucify Him" to their King.
Rejecting their Messiah for a common thief
Turning down the Kingdom He could bring.

When I think of Jesus, and the way He died,
How upon Him all my sin was lain.
All the other people, fade away from view,
It's for me the Sacrifice was made.

I no longer wonder anymore,
I have found what I've been searching for;
My sin demanded Hell, on Him the Judgment fell,
I am guilty, now it's plain to see, that it was really me!