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    Taiwan Quick Take: Fighter jets to be upgraded

    Monday, Jul 31, 2006,Page 3

    The nation is upgrading its self-developed Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) warplanes to improve their combat-capabilities against China, according to a Chinese-language China Times report yesterday. The Aerospace Industrial Development Corp (AIDC) has upgraded two of the Air Force's 130 IDFs. The two modified IDFs will make their debut on Oct. 10, the paper said. The modified parts include the IDF's avionics, fire-control system and landing gears, it said. AIDC is upgrading the IDFs because in most countries, warplanes are upgraded 10 years after they have entered service. Ten years ago the Air Force launched its second-generation fleet -- 130 IDFs, 150 F-16 Block A/Bs and 60 Mirage 2000-5s -- to boost defenses against China. The Air Force is seeking to introduce its third-generation fleet. Recent press reports have said that Taiwan has requested 66 F-16 Block C/Ds from the US.

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