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Greg Costikyan

Inducted into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame for a lifetime of accomplishment in the field, Greg Costikyan has designed more than 30 commercially published board, roleplaying, computer, online, and mobile games over a 30 year career. He has won five Origins Awards and his games have been selected on more than a dozen occasions for the Games 100, Games magazine's annual roundup of the best 100 games in print.

A prolific writer on games, game design, and game industry business issues for publications including Wall Street Journal Interactive, the New York Times, Salon, and Game Developer magazine, Costikyan is the author of two analyst's reports on online games. Currently, he is a games researcher for Nokia Research Center, Nokia's research arm.

Kieron Gillen

Inspired equally by the irreverent anarchism of Amiga Power and prime-cut Melody Maker, Kiron wrote Hatezine Darcy's On The Pull. As part of the International Pop Underground his work resulted in him being slapped around the chops by some of the leading figures in post-Bis Glitterpop. He soon found gainful employ in Britain's leading PC videogame magazine, PC Gamer. Eventually he went freelance, a situation where he finds himself today.

Let's just say his writings have appeared in every respectable videogame magazine in the land and most of the disrespectable ones too.


Artist, programmer and musician Null Pointers' work works extensively in the field of games production and modification and his output ranges from large-scale installations to downloadable artwork. Tom's work has been shown internationally at venues such as: Museo Tamyao, Mexico; The ICA, London; The New Museum, New York City; The Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam; Games Exhibition, Dortmund and Sonar, Barcelona.

See also: www.codespace.co.uk