AGL - AGL power plant delivers new energy to SA market
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AGL power plant delivers new energy to SA market

17 January 2002

AGL today announced that its new Hallett Power generation plant had delivered its first quantities of electricity to the South Australian market.
Managing Director Greg Martin said he was delighted that the plant had dispatched more than 40 MW into the South Australian market as part of the plant's commissioning process.
The announcement came as South Australian Premier Rob Kerin toured the facility and started one of the 12 generation turbines which will provide electricity for the South Australian market.
Mr Martin said: "The Hallett plant will provide South Australia with added security of supply when the state needs it most � on very high temperature days when electricity consumption soars."
The Premier's visit coincided with the final stages of construction and an ongoing program of commissioning each of the generation units. The program will see the plants output capacity grow from 45MW today to 180MW over the coming months.
Mr Martin added: "We intend adding a further 50MW (taking plant capacity to between 230 - 250MW) in the medium term to meet gorwing electricity demand in South Australia."
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