Diary of a Camper


Rating: 20%
Size: 38 Kb
Length: 2 Minutes
Date posted: 20/8/97
Sound?: No

The camper fires

In case you don't know, Diary of a Camper was the first movie ever created. Basically the Ranger's well-deserved claim to fame. Unfortunately, now that Blahbalicious and Eschaton DT are out, it just doesn't compare. It's not much more than a deathmatch with a camera.

Aaaagh! Die camper!

The story goes like this: a group of Ranger scouts are in DM6. A part of the group goes into a teleportal, only to get gibbed by an evil camper. The remaining group shoots rockets at the camper (who now mysteriously only has a shotgun), and gib him. They run into the room, and look down at the head. It's Romero!
Not much else to say on the movie, except the camera work was very nice and never once screwed up. Although this movie didn't age so well, never forget it. It's our founding father :).

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