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Aug 13, 2006 by Julie Rose

Bob Roll on Landis, Lance and Why France Hates American Cyclists

Bob Roll signs autographs at the Tour of Utah.

(KCPW News) Floyd Landis may have been the star of this year's Tour de France. But the star of the network that broadcasts the Tour is Bob Roll, a former professional cyclist for the United States turned TV commentator. Roll was in town over the weekend to ride and commentate for the six-day Tour of Utah. In an exclusive interview Roll talks with KCPW's Julie Rose about Floyd Landis, doping scandals and the future of Utah's own pro-cycling event:


Listen to the entire conversation (20 minutes) with OLN cycling commentator Bob Roll.

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1. Un Auditeur En Ligne said:

A complete waste of time. OLN could be called COIN: the Conflict of Interest Network. Did you know that they help sponsor one of the 22 teams in the Tour de France? Bad luck being one of the other 21, expecting a fair journalistic shake. And love the apology for a drug abuser caught red handed.

2. un utilisateur du cerveau said:

Drug abuser caught red handed...what drug are you smoking? And just when did Bobke apologize? Perhaps a better use of your wasted time would be spent learning the difference between "journalism" and entertainment. :)

3. Brian said:

I don't believe he was apologizing for Floyd! Bobke laid out exactly what I believe! Look at Floyds record for the year. Why didn't he test positive before or after only on one day?

4. David C said:

"Un Auditeur En Ligne." Love not giving your name and supplying a fake URL.

Take all the swipes at OLN you want. OLN has nothing to do with Bob's interview.

Bob makes no apology for Floyd Landis. He simply doesn't believe that Floyd cheated. I don't either. Do I know he's innocent? No. But you have no right to call him a "drug abuser caught red handed." The e/t ratio test proves nothing. Nor does the C-isotope ratio test. They are simply cause for further inquiry.

5. kinbo said:

you must be french

6. Cat 5 Master Fattie said:

Why does someone have to be French to understand that "the dog ate my homework" excuses that Landis has supplied for tests showing an 11:1 t/e ratio AND the presence of exogenous testosterone are lame and unconvincing. It should be obvious to anyone with the critical abilities of a block of wood. "French conspiracy" my ass.

7. Cid Rivera said:

Bobke is right on target!

Cycling's own diligence is it's own enemy. There is no way that any other sport can undergo the same scrutiny in testing that cycling does. Football, baseball, basketball or hockey would not stand a chance!

8. matt said:

bob points out the flaw - you can't test clean one day, hot the next and the clean again on the following day. how freakin' hard is that to understand?

9. Ted Loewenberg said:

I completely agree with Bob. Even the most cursory review of the information we have from the ICU begs so many questions. The most important one is, how come no other test on Floyd all year came up positive, and this one data point is off the chart? Someone tampered with the samples, or something else is going on that we don't know about. But, bottom line, it is highly unlikely that Landis found a "silver bullet" that miraculously boosted his performance, and left no trace by the end of Stage 19. After all, Floyd Landis, Mr. Nice Guy, is not Popeye after a dose of spinach. One other thought: there needs to be a DNA test on Samples A & B to determine if it really came from Landis. Think the ICU will agree to that?

10. Jane Taylor said:

Bob Roll is way off base and has a huge conflict. His main concern is Trek and their profits, not the sport of cycling. If the French framed Landis and Armstrong, they would be shooting themselves and their beloved race and sport in the foot. Long after the particular names are forgotten, the taint on the sport will remain. It's absurd they would do this. American winners will just make the eventual win by a European all the sweeter. You don't kill the sport in order to punish one of many, many countries who enter and appreciate it. The thing I find so amusing is how OLN didn't say squat throughout their entire coverage about Vino, Basso, etc. Where was "innocent until proven guilty" then? I think it's Bob Roll and his income from Armstrong/Trek that make him anti-European, not the other way around. This is all about attacking the French labs in order to keep Armstrong's name clean and keep the country buying Treks. Just look at the polls now. The minute Landis was found doping, all the benefit of the doubt that Americans had given Armstrong is gone now. Everyone now thinks Armstrong doped, particularly since everyone is wondering how he beat Basso/Ullrich every year if they are such dopers.

I have yet to read or hear of paranoia by the Europeans that Vino, Basso and Ullrich were banned from the race so a second tier American rider could win. I guess conspiracy theories are American homegrown inventions.

11. TF said:

It's highly ironic that some those accusing Americans of dreaming "conspiracy theories" are dreaming up their own, i.e. Bob Roll is in the pocket of big, bad, Trek and OLN. They naturally make no effort to refute anything Roll actually said either. If you listened carefully you would know that he said it was the French press, not the French in general that dislike Armstrong and Landis. I don't know if he's right but let's at least comment on what he said, not what he didn't say.

12. My Opinion_El Paso, Texas said:

Un Auditeur En Ligne--You need to get out more and learn how to research information before believing everything you read and see in the news media!

un utilisateur du cerveau--I doubt that you know the difference between journalism and entertainment! There has not been any real journalism in the news media for over 40 years!

Cat 5 Master Fattie--It's quite apparent that you have a block of wood wrapped in fat for a brain!

Jane Taylor--

Pity Pity Pity Potty: Not all Americans have lost their faith in both Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis. So, don't go talking like you represent Americans. You can only speak for yourself.

13. Schmeggo said:

I believe in all my heart that Floyd Landis absolutely did use performance-enhancing drugs, and that 100% of the pro peloton dopes as well. Doping is fully entrenched in pro cycling, and everybody on the inside knows it. If Basso, Ullrich, Heras, Armstrong and yes, even Tyler Hamilton are guilty (and they are), what chance does anyone else have of winning? Answer: they don't. Anyone familiar enough with this sport knows doping is as much a part of it at the elite level as the bikes these guys race on.

No way is Floyd innocent of the charges. No way. However, he is innocent of being different than anyone else in the peloton. And he is the rightful holder of the maillot jaune! Pro cyclists are in the impossible situation of having to use the drugs in order to be competitive at that level. Give Floyd a break, let him keep the jersey, but examine why it is we feel the need to treat him like a criminal. He is not. He is one of the best riders to ride the Tour in a very long time.

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