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 1.Nano Cosmetics:Nano gold equips good biological compatibility, it is a kind of micro-cell factor that can exist in the human body, participates in important physiological regulation and control function in the life, it can promote many kinds of cells to grow up, and promote the fibre cell. The hyperplasia of endothelial cells, make the skin care products even completely and enter the skin through nano gold, carry on the catalysis and supplement nutrients and mediate the toxin in order to reduce the dark wrinkle, making the cell full of nutrient and oxygen, lets the transport of the blood be faster, the supersession of the skin is more smooth, and then reach the metabolism of the natural cell, maintain the perfect skin quality.

2.Nano Engine Oil:Applying nano material and using its principle for the engine oil, then change the full play function of the engine oil, when the petrol flows through it, the small nano particle can be entered in the petrol molecule easily, reduce the cohesive force in the petrol, while petrol in the carburetor (or jet-propelled engine ), the petrol particle will get smaller, combustion efficiency will become greater, just like arranging the same engine of displacement, the jet-propelled engine is far than the carburetor engine, export horsepower, principle that torsion will increase at the same time is the same reason.

 .Function of nano cosmetics :
Reduce the wrinkle, resist the injury to the skin of ultraviolet ray;Promote skin metabolism, strengthen the gloss of skin;Step by step to improve skin quality,make skin appear elasticity and healthy


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