Kulkarriya Community SchoolKulkarriya Community School

Kulkarriya Community School, founded in 1978, is situated on the Noonkanbah pastoral lease which was transferred to the Yungngora community in 1976.  The settlement of Noonkanbah consists of approximately two hundred and fifty (250) people and is located on the Fitzroy River, one hundred and seventy kilometres (170 kilometres) south west of Fitzroy Crossing.  Noonkanbah is considered to be an isolated community.  Access is limited in the wet season.

The primary and secondary school population for the year 2005 is 72. Itinerant students add to the population seasonally.

Primary School BuildingThe school employs 5 fulltime qualified teachers, a principal and 12 Aboriginal staff.  Aboriginal staff take on various roles such as: Kindy/Pre Primary teacher, education workers, canteen manager and yard/maintenance workers.  The school also employ’s a part time administrator to manage the schools funds and property.

Kriol, Nyikina and Walmajarri are spoken at home, English is the third language for many of students.  The curriculum follows the Western Australian Curriculum Framework and the Curriculum Framework Progress Maps. The school’s major emphasis is upon literacy and numeracy.

Many of the students, up to 85 per cent at times, have an Otitis Media problem.  This is an infection of the middle ear which can severely affect hearing.  Classrooms are wired for audio control to assist students.

There is a separate pre-primary, which includes a kindergarten.  The primary school runs as a lower primary class (years 1-4) and an upper primary class (years 5-7).  The secondary school runs as one class (years 8-12).  The school also employs a literacy specialist who works with all of the kids in the school. 

The school is part of the National Accelerated Literacy Project. This highly successful methodology is taught by all teachers. The school has received recognition from the wider literacy community on some excellent progress made by the students. This was through receiving a National Literacy Award in 2003. Considerable professional development and support is offered to new teachers upon appointment at the school.



Kulkarriya Kindy Kids


Recipients of the National Literacy Excellence Awards


Kulkarriya Bush Trip

The school is independent and run by the Yungngora Association.

The community assists with sporting activities, cultural programs and language. Sport is emphasised, as this is a significant positive social activity within the Fitzroy Valley.  The school has a Toyota Coaster bus and personnel carrier for cultural excursions, visits and sport.

The community has a well equipped store with eftpos facilities.  Fuel cards can be purchased from the store for use in the community bowsers.  Diesel and unleaded fuel are both available.  The store is also an Australia Post facility.  Mail is delivered by plane one day a week.

A clinic operates week days with two Aboriginal Health Workers.  A doctor is in attendance one day per fortnight.  A registered nurse is in the community approximately five days per fortnight.

A community broadcasting station also operates from within the community.

A Health and Aged Care kitchen and office provides meals to the elderly.  The youth are catered for in the community youth centre which hosts bands, discos and other activities.

The community also contains a workshop, TAFE centre and community building program.

Teachers taking up appointments are responsible first to Yungngora Association (by-laws take precedence over outside authorities), then to the school principal.  Yungngora Association by-laws stipulate that no drugs or alcohol are to be brought into the community.

Teachers are expected to care of their house and gardens and are offered self contained private accommodation, fully equipped with furniture and fittings.  This includes TV, video, stereo, linen, microwave, cooking utensils etc.  Houses also contain laptop computers and wireless access to the internet.  Teachers need only bring clothing and other personal belongings.  Inventories of houses are available upon appointment.

It is the responsibility of the appointee to maintain classrooms, houses and gardens to the highest standards.

It is recommended that appointees have their own vehicle, a four wheel drive is required for the wet season.


Kulkarriya Community School
 Nookanbah Station, Yungngora Community
PO Box 3
ph:   (08) 9191 4737
fax:  (08) 9191 4785
email:  administration@kulkarriya.wa.edu.au

Principal:  Andy Cowan
Chairperson:  Nita Cox