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X-Files Fic
e     c     l     e     c     t     i     c
X - F   i   l   e   s        F   i  c
Somewhere in the woods in Alabama, Mulder and Scully learn whether what they believe is worth dying for. . .
                                                                              November  2001
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Scully is assigned to investigate the dissapearance of a world famout physicist and discovers the last thing she ever expected. . .Mulder

Post-Requiem                                                 February 2001
Special Agents Mulder and Scully are on the trail of a serial killer with time on his hands.

A collaboration of the I Want To Believe Fanfic List
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Scully is sent to Roswell, NM to investigate the murders of three FBI agents and finds herself face to face with the truth. . .

X-Files/Roswell Crossover                     May 2000


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