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Zhonghua Yayue: Chamber Group for Traditional Chinese Music

The four women and one male of the Zhonghua Yayue group are also members of the faculty of the China Conservatory in Beijing. They include Yu Qingxin, guqin; Wu Yuxia, pipa; Li Baolin, guanzi; Fu Huiqin, singer; and Zeng Zhaobin performing the di, xiao, and xun.

Their name means classical and graceful music. Founded in 1995, Zhonghua Yayue's purpose is to open the window for all Chinese and foreigners to appreciate Chinese classic music. The five musicians are among the leading soloists on their instruments in China, and are committed to teaching audiences about ancient Chinese music and instruments.

The instruments include the xun, a hand-held clay wind instrument with 7 holes that is played by blowing over the top, like a coke bottle. The xun was first created over 6,000 years ago. The guqin, a plucked stringed instrument is over 2,000 years old, and was an important instrument at the Chinese court, especially during the Tang Dynasty, from 618-907 A.D. The pipa is a pear-shaped plucked instrument played like the lyre. Several important pieces of music from the Tang Dynasty, feature the pipa. 

Tang Dynasty
Members of the China Conservatory recreate old musical traditions on ancient instruments. Are modern audiences interested?

Tang Dynasty (6:58)

Flying Partridge (4:55)

Dreaming Under the Moon (5:49)

Ambush on All Sides (5:44)

Zhonghua Yayue Group (3:56)

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