National President - Hon. Warren Allmand, O.C., P.C., Q.C.
Past-President - Hon. Flora MacDonald, O.C., P.C.
Council Chair - Robin Collins
Executive Committee Chair - Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton
Executive Director - Fergus Watt

Members of Council:
Warren Allmand
Dimitri Alpatoff  
Leonard Angel
Peter Bailey
Syd Baumel  
Robin Collins  
Graham Day  
Doron Dekel  
Kira Fanina-Brezhneva  
Larry Gordon  
Carol Greene  
Karl Grupe
Karen Hamilton  
Wiliam Hartzog  
Dieter Heinrich  
Larry Kazdan  
Cameron Laing  
Peter Langille  
Ilan Liebner  
David MacDonald  
Flora MacDonald  
Susan McLaine  
Peggy Mason  
John Packer  
William Pearce  
Mary June Pettyfer  
Simon Rosenblum
Peter Schmolka   
Muriel Smith  
Fergus Watt  

WFM - Canada is a member organization
of the international
World Federalist Movement

WFM Officers:
President - The Very Rev. Dr. Lois M. Wilson
Past-President - (the late) Sir Peter Ustinov
Council Chair - James Christie
Executive Committee Chair - Keith Best
Executive Director - Bill Pace


In 1951, five independent world federalist groups in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Saskatoon came together to form the World Federalists of Canada. Canadian world federalist groups had sprung up after the Second World War, developing at about the same time as world federalist groups in other countries. The Second World War left Europe devastated, the horror of the Holocaust was revealed, and atomic war, first used on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, threatened all of humanity. The world federalists understood the structural constraints of the United Nations Organization and the urgent need to develop democratic world institutions that could make and enforce world law.

In spite of the frustrations of the Cold War, the World Federalists of Canada (now, World Federalist Movement - Canada) continued to champion step-by-step improvements in the way human society governs itself on a global scale.

Now, more than a decade after the end of the Cold War, the value in democratic global governance has never been clearer. Our personal lives have become integrated with the life of an emerging world community, and global trends, conditions and patterns tie us to each other and the Earth. Individual citizens have a stake in the outcome of world affairs and ought to have democratic rights over decisions affecting the world community.

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